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Alix Partners
New York City, United States
Organisation: Geschäft
Bereich: Consulting
Mitarbeiter: 1000+
Gegründet im Jahre: 1981

Founded in 1981, AlixPartners is a global consulting firm renowned for its expertise in performance improvement and urgent turnaround management. Based out of its headquarters in New York City, the firm offers services that cover a wide spectrum—from operational performance and mergers & acquisitions to complex restructuring and litigation matters. As of 2022, AlixPartners employed thousands of professionals across multiple global locations, all dedicated to driving significant change for clients in challenging situations.

While specific recent financial details might need a closer look at their official reports, AlixPartners has continually demonstrated growth and an ability to add value to its diverse clientele.

Praktika und Jobs bei Alix Partners
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Alix Partners | Milan | Praktikum, IT, Englisch, Italienisch
“* Strong knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, and/or Access. If you have a major in information systems, experience...
Alix Partners | London | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch
“* Assessments of complex financial transactions and investments. ...
Alix Partners | London | Praktikum, Umwelt, Englisch
“* Advise clients on data collection on large scale litigation cases, including document retention and chain-of...
Alix Partners | New York | Praktikum, Management, Englisch
“* Experience in financial processes and systems, mass data analysis, negotiations, and process re-engineering....
Alix Partners | New York | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch
“In this challenging role, you will: * Structure and execute analysis involving our clients' most complex and...
Alix Partners | München | Praktikum, Finanzen, Deutsch, Englisch
“* Falls erforderlich: Überprüfung der Rechnungen unter Berücksichtigung bestehender Verträge ...
Alix Partners | Detroit | Praktikum, IT, Englisch
“* Gain experience working on multiple projects at the same time (time/priority management) ...
Alix Partners | München | Praktikum, PR, Deutsch, Englisch
“Außerdem erwartet Sie ein attraktives Gehaltspaket mit umfassenden Benefits und zahlreiche Initiativen unserer...
1 – 8 von 9
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