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Thousand Oaks, United States
Organisation: Geschäft
Bereich: Gesundheit
Mitarbeiter: 10000+
Gegründet im Jahre: 1980

Founded in 1980, Amgen is a global biotechnology company with a steadfast commitment to advancing science and using biotechnology to create transformative medicines. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, Amgen has been a driving force in the development of innovative treatments for a range of serious diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and autoimmune disorders. Amgen had a dedicated workforce of over 23,000 employees worldwide, each contributing to the company's mission of improving human health.

Financially, Amgen has consistently exhibited strong performance in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, often reporting significant revenues and investments in research and development.

Praktika und Jobs bei Amgen
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Amgen | Columbia | Praktikum, Forschung, Englisch
“Responsibilities include: * Design approach and perform secondary data analytics to support strategic decisi...
Amgen | Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika | Praktikum, Logistik, Englisch, Spanisch
“* Improve operational efficiency and productivity within the organization. ...
Amgen | München | Praktikum, Medizin, Deutsch
“* Erstellung von PowerPoint-Präsentationen, Schulungsmaterial und Durchführung von Literaturrecherchen und -zu...
Amgen | Columbia | Praktikum, Logistik, Englisch
“Amgen is a partner company with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Leaders for Global Operations ...
Amgen | Breda | Praktikum, Logistik, Englisch
“By participating in different QA projects and on-the-job training activities to explore the responsibilities o...
Amgen | Istanbul | Praktikum, Umwelt, Englisch, Türkisch
“* Knowledge in design programs like Canva or similar tools to create visually appealing graphics, presentation...
Amgen | Columbia | Praktikum, Logistik, Englisch
“* Assisting in the development and implementation of data analysis tools; capturing and organizing lab asset d...
Amgen | Columbia | Praktikum, Management, Englisch
“You will be uniquely responsible for one or more key projects that will advance RDSO's mission, with general r...
1 – 8 von 19
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