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Lille, France
Organisation: Geschäft
Bereich: Unterhaltungselektronik
Mitarbeiter: 100+
Gegründet im Jahre: 2016


The story of Exotec Solutions began in 2014, on a bus taking the future co-founders Romain Moulin and Renaud Heitz to work at General Electric Medical.
News had just broken in the world of intralogistics: Amazon had decided to keep the revolutionary KIVA robot technology to themselves.
The news stuck with the two engineers who thought about it and decided they could do better: design a robotic order preparation system using a fleet of robots able to move in three dimensions. The Skypod was born.

Our vision

Exotec designs revolutionary robotic systems for the supply chain.
Our robots are designed to connect mathematics, mechanics and humans, with the latter always at the focus of our attention.
We create robotic systems to help e-merchants and retailers meet the great challenge of the seamless customer journey and allow women and men to engage in exciting career paths.

105  M is our forecasted turnover in Euros for 2021. In 2020 it was 47M, and in 2019 it was 20M.

300  Is the number of employees at Exotec. We hope to reach 600 by the end of 2022.

6  Is the number of years Exotec has been in business
and also the time it took us to go from start-up to industrial and international SME.

10  Is the number of countries in which the Skypod System is available.

Praktika und Jobs bei Exotec
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Exotec | Lille | Praktikum, Umwelt, Französisch, Englisch
“* Contribuer à la gestion des incidents en fournissant un soutien lors des enquêtes sur les accidents de trava...
Exotec | Lille | Praktikum, IT, Französisch
“* Eclairer les besoins et pains sur les sujets prioritaires et créer les user stories associés ...
Exotec | Lille | Praktikum, Ingenieurswesen, Französisch, Englisch
“Pour y parvenir, votre mission consiste à : * Proposer une stratégie de test en analysant les sites Exotec e...
Exotec | Lille | Praktikum, Ingenieurswesen, Französisch, Englisch
“* Met en place des solutions pour optimiser les flux de production, l'automatisation des postes de travail et ...
Exotec | Lille | Praktikum, IT, Französisch
“* Proposer des procédures de tests pour valider les résultats, notamment en terme de fiabilité et reproductibi...
Exotec | Lille | Praktikum, Ingenieurswesen, Französisch
“Vous contribuerez aux choix techniques et serez en charge de l'implémentation de vos expériences d'entrainemen...
Exotec | Lille | Praktikum, IT, Französisch, Englisch
“Notre stack Langages : PHP - JavaScript Frameworks & librairie : Symfony - API Platform - Laravel - VueJS 2 ...
Exotec | Lille | Praktikum, Ingenieurswesen, Französisch, Englisch
“* Crée des spécifications que nous pouvons appliquer dans le monde entier, soutient nos achats dans l'acquisit...
1 – 8 von 97
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