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San Francisco, California, United States
Organisation: Geschäft
Bereich: Gesundheit
Mitarbeiter: 10000+
Gegründet im Jahre: 1976

Genentech, founded in 1976, is a leading biotechnology company that specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Its headquarters are located in South San Francisco, California, USA. As of 2023, Genentech has a workforce of over 15,000 employees.

The company is a pioneer in the biotechnology industry and has been instrumental in developing breakthrough treatments for various diseases, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Genentech's innovative medicines have significantly improved patients' lives worldwide.

In terms of recent financial information, Genentech is a subsidiary of Roche Holding AG, a Swiss pharmaceutical company. As of 2022, Roche reported annual revenues of approximately 63 billion.

Praktika und Jobs bei Genentech
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Genentech | New York City | Praktikum, Forschung, Englisch
“This internship position is an opportunity to experience AI-based product development with a\u00A0 focus on LL...
Genentech | San Francisco | Praktikum, Forschung, Englisch
“This internship is located on-site in South San Francisco, CA ...
Genentech | New York City | Praktikum, Design, Englisch
“Intern candidates should have a strong interest in fundamental research in self-supervised learning and founda...
Genentech | San Francisco | Praktikum, IT, Englisch
“This internship position is on-site and located in South San Francisco, CA. ...
Genentech | San Francisco | Praktikum, Kultur, Englisch
“* Optimize immunoassay to detect low-level endogenous protein in neurons. ...
Genentech | Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika | Praktikum, Logistik, Englisch
“We are courageous in both decision and action; we believe that good business means a better world. ...
Genentech | San Francisco | Praktikum, Medizin, Englisch
“The tools used by PTPK can be based in a computational setting and/or laboratory setting depending on the ques...
Genentech | New York | Praktikum, Design, Englisch
“Our mission is to develop and apply cutting-edge ML methods in designing novel molecules. ...
1 – 8 von 32
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