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Cellnex Telecom
Barcelona, Spain
Organisation: Business
Main Industry: Internet / New Media
Employees: 1000+
Year Founded: 2015
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Cellnex Telecom, established in 2015 and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, is Europe's premier operator of wireless telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructures. With around 2,000 employees, the company manages over 70,000 telecommunication sites across the continent. In their 2022 annual report, Cellnex reported revenues of €2.5 billion, evidencing significant growth. The company’s primary operations include the provision of site leasing, broadcast infrastructure, network services, and security and emergency service networks

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Cellnex Telecom | Boulogne-Billancourt | Finance, French
“Cellnex gère en propre plus de 20 000 points hauts en France au service de ses clients « opérateurs de télépho...
Cellnex Telecom | Boulogne-Billancourt | Hospitality, French
“C'est aujourd'hui le leader européen des opérateurs d'infrastructures de télécommunication, plus communément d...
Cellnex Telecom | Reading | Management, English
“Pro-active estate management of a geographical portfolio of sites, mitigating risks to ensure the sites are av...
Cellnex Telecom | Reading | Logistics, English
“This includes managing, monitoring and communicating performance against contracts and driving improvements fr...
Cellnex Telecom | Reading | Management, English
“This is a hybrid roles and can be based from one of our hubs in Reading or Manchester, 3 days in the office, 2...
Cellnex Telecom | Utrecht | HR, Dutch, English
“Hoe kan het dat je buiten, zonder WiFi, toch internet hebt? Wat maakt dat je real-time kunt spreken met famili...
Cellnex Telecom | Boulogne-Billancourt | IT, French, English, Spanish
“Nexloop est une filiale de Cellnex spécialisée dans l'exploitation de réseaux fibre-optique & de DataCente...
Cellnex Telecom | Reading | Management, English
“As the manager of our external supply partner, you will be responsible for delivering Site Access services, pl...
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