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Vie Market Development Specialist H/F

V.I.E., Marketing, English

Job Description:

Bostik est l'un des principaux spécialistes mondiaux des adhésifs dans l'industrie, la construction et le marché de consommation. Depuis plus d'un siècle, nous développons des solutions adhésives innovantes, plus intelligentes et plus adaptables aux forces qui façonnent notre quotidien.
The Marketing Specialist for the Durables business (encompasses Bostik, Fixatti, Prochimir and now Ashland Technologies offerings) in South Asia (India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka). You will be the key resource for the development of a robust marketing plan and oversee its implementation, supporting the Commercial Director in driving the strategy of the durable goods business.

As part of the development of the global Durables Goods, the position is responsible for:

- Understands the route to market and works closely with the Business Director to optimize and bring in efficiency to the overall process?

- Determine the right market to participate - "Where to play and how to win" in line with Global Durable Goods vision?

°Study and assessment of focused market (Electronics, Wood working, BUI)?

- Report on and analyze market pricing and profitability metrics?

Supports on?:

°Channel management?
°Marketing info (analysis of market, competitor intelligence, market intelligence through primary and secondary resources)?
°Product mix and service management?

- Understanding of product development process?

- Break down financial goals into small steps to measure over the period of 12 - 18 months and Implement strategy for the sub segment?

- Work closely with the local Sales, R & D and PLM on identified projects ?

- Participate in product launch and promotion through webinars, seminars, trade shows

Candidate Requirements:

- Management degree or similar
- You will have industrial experience and ideally have experience in B2B distribution (added advantage).
- Qualities :

°Autonomy, ability to influence
°Strong communication skills; ability to express yourself well
°Strong analytical skills

- Due to the international dimension of the group, you have a good level of English, both written and spoken

Source: Company website
Posted on: 06 Aug 2022
Type of job: V.I.E. (French international internship)
Languages: English
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