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Kobe, Japan
Organización: Empresa
Sector: Deporte
Empleados: 1000+
Fundada en: 1949
Web corporativa
Información corporativa

ASICS is a Japanese multi-national corporation athletic equipment company which produces footwear and sports equipment designed for a wide range of sports, generally in the upper price range. The name is an acronym for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano[1] which translates as "a healthy soul in a healthy body". In recent years their running shoes have often been ranked among the top performance footwear in the market.[2][3][4] ASICS bought the outdoor brand Haglöfs on July 12, 2010, for SEK1,000,000,000 ($128.7 million).

Prácticas y empleos en Asics
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Asics | Estados Unidos | Prácticas, Logística, Inglés
“About our Internship Program: ASICS is committed to recruiting the best and brightest talent to join our int...
Asics | Alemania | Prácticas, Ventas, Alemán, Inglés
“* Vorbereitung und Erstellung von Präsentationen für Meetings ...
Asics | Holanda | Prácticas, Marketing, Inglés
“Someone who's eager to build on their knowledge of communications or business, and develop their understanding...
Asics | Reino Unido | Ventas, Inglés
“* To demonstrate effective business planning, maximizing opportunities, minimizing risk and taking corrective ...
Asics | España | Ventas, Inglés, Español
“* To work within the agreed ASICS trade terms and within the agreed distribution framework with assigned custo...
Asics | Alemania | Marketing, Alemán
“* Unterstütze bei der Erstellung von saisonalen POS-Toolboxen und arbeite eng mit anderen Marketingbereichen s...
Asics | República Checa | Ventas, Inglés, Eslovaco
“* Share expertise on ASICS history, culture, and values. * Be perceived as an expert, understanding the compe...
Asics | Holanda | Finanzas, Inglés, Holandés
“* You're a team player. Working with others brings out the best in your abilities.    ...
1 – 8 de 12
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