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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Organisation: Entreprise
Secteur: Tourisme / Hospitalité
Fondée en: 2008
Site corporatif
Informations entreprise

Yays, established in 2008, is an Amsterdam-based company operating in the hospitality sector. The company specializes in providing short-term rental of boutique, serviced apartments in various European cities. Yays' unique selling proposition is its "unlock the neighbourhood" concept, which aims to offer guests an authentic local living experience rather than the standard tourist perspective.

This approach has allowed Yays to carve a niche for itself in the hospitality industry, catering to travelers who desire a more immersive, local experience. As of 2023, Yays operates with a small, dedicated team of around 100 employees. While the company's financial details are privately held, its growth and sustained operations reflect a successful business model.

Stages et emplois chez Yays
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Yays | Amsterdam | Stage, Immobilier, Anglais
“* Map the lands of hotel and real estate data for our target markets and uncharted territories. ...
Yays | Amsterdam | Stage, Finance, Anglais, Néerlandais
“* Reach out to vendors to address any queries or outstanding matters related to invoices. ...
Yays | Amsterdam | Stage, Ventes, Anglais, Néerlandais
“* You're adaptable, open to change, and love to learn. * You possess excellent organizational skills and can ...
Yays | The Hague | Hôtellerie, Anglais
“* Proactive problem-solver that takes initiative. * Able to adapt swiftly and gracefully to ever-changing cir...
Yays | Amsterdam | Hôtellerie, Néerlandais, Anglais
“Als je een medewerker technische dienst bent, dan: * Heb je een sterk verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel ...
Yays | Amsterdam | Hôtellerie, Anglais
“Awesome to have: * At least 4 days or more availability, preferably full-time ...
Yays | Paris | Culture, Français, Anglais
“* Vous d'expérience dans le monde hôtelier ou de l'accueil et de la relation client ? ...
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