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Big Mamma
Paris, France
Organizzazione: Azienda
Settore: Agroalimentaria
Dipendenti: 1000+
Fondata nel: 2013
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Big Mamma is an Italian restaurant group founded in 2013 by Tigrane Seydoux and Victor Lugger. 
Our wish is to share the authenticity and warmth of traditional Italian trattorias abroad. All produce is directly sourced from small Italian producers, dishes are 100% homemade, served at affordable prices, in beautifully designed spaces, and with a big smile. 

Italian cuisine is about the quality of the ingredients, so we’ve partnered with small producers - Prosciutto di Parma from Stefano Borchini, San Marzano tomatoes from Paolo Ruggiero, flour from Antimo Caputo, to say the least!

We are currently a team 2.000 employees and the family is still growing, with new openings coming up in 2023 in France and across Europe.

In Europe, we currently manage : 
- 8 trattorias and one food market in Paris : East Mamma, Ober Mamma, Mamma Primi, Big Love, Pizzeria Popolare, Pink Mamma, La Felicità and Libertino.
- 1 trattoria in Lille (France): La Bellezza
- 1 trattoria in Lyon (France): Carmelo
- 1 trattoria in Bordeaux (France): Palatino
- 1 trattoria in Marseille (France): Splendido
- 4 trattorias in London (UK): Gloria,Circolo Popolare, Ave Mario and Jacuzzi 
- 2 trattoria in Madrid (Spain): Belmondo and Villa Capri 
- 1 trattoria in Munich (Germany): Giorgia 
- 1 trattoria in Berlin (Germany): Coccodrillo 
- 1 trattoria in Monaco (Principality of Monaco) 

We launched, in 2020, the new digital food brand: Napoli gang. 
We have already developed in France, UK, Spain with more than 16 kitchens that bring home the best pizza in the world. 

We also place great importance on our social and environmental footprint and we’ve recently acquired the B-Corp international label. Our greatest ambition is to revolutionize the hospitality industry, placing our employees at the center of all projects, developing careers and making Big Mamma a perfect environment for creative and professional growth.

Stage e lavori presso Big Mamma
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Big Mamma | Lyon | Stage, Ristorazione, Francese
“Tous les jours, plus de 10 000 clients fréquentent les restaurants Big Mamma partout en Europe (France, Espagn...
Big Mamma | Bordeaux | Stage, Ristorazione, Francese
“En changeant la vie de notre staff, en voulant proposer à nos clients le meilleur moment de leur journée, tout...
Big Mamma | Parigi | Stage, Ristorazione, Francese
“Les engagements sociaux et environnementaux du groupe sont inscrits dans les statuts de société et sont monito...
Big Mamma | Parigi | Stage, Ristorazione, Francese
“Les engagements sociaux et environnementaux du groupe sont inscrits dans les statuts de société et sont monito...
Big Mamma | Parigi | Stage, Design, Francese
“* Vous faites évoluer les menus au fil des saisons ou à des temps forts de l'année, en étroite collaboration a...
Big Mamma | Parigi | Stage, Ristorazione, Francese
“* Préparation des analyses de CODIR : Suivi de la note client, des commentaires clients et autres analyses sel...
Big Mamma | Berlin | Stage, Logistica, Inglese, Italiano, Tedesco
“Join the team now and be part of this great adventure among a one-of-a-kind team. ...
Big Mamma | Parigi | Stage, Logistica, Francese, Inglese, Italiano
“🚀 Notre POWER est dans quatre valeurs : méritocratie, authenticité, excellence et entrepreneuriat. ...
1 – 8 di 49
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