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Comcast Cable
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Organizzazione: Azienda
Settore: Telecomunicazioni
Dipendenti: 10000+
Fondata nel: 1963
Sito web aziendale
Informazione aziendale

Comcast Cable, a division of Comcast Corporation, was established in 1963 and is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. As of 2023, the company employs over 184,000 people.

Comcast Cable is one of America's largest video, high-speed internet, and phone providers to residential customers under the Xfinity brand. It also provides these services to businesses. In 2022, the company reported revenue of over $58 billion, confirming its position as a leading telecommunications conglomerate.

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Comcast Cable | West Chester | Stage, Informatica, Inglese
“The team of frontend developers working on the DevHub portal are a diverse group of professionals. ...
Comcast Cable | Philadelphia | Stage, Management, Inglese
“Ongoing projects include supporting fraud and credit functions of products post launch, fraud & credit trend r...
Comcast Cable | Philadelphia | Stage, Design, Inglese
“* Managing multimedia content * Writing, editing, and updating articles ...
Comcast Cable | Philadelphia | Stage, Management, Inglese
“Throughout the experience, there is opportunity for exposure to mentorship and professional development while ...
Comcast Cable | Philadelphia | Stage, Ingegneria, Inglese
“Do you want to apply your school concepts on real stuff that makes a difference for people's enjoyment and ent...
Comcast Cable | Philadelphia | Stage, Finanza, Inglese
“Job Summary: The Co-op will have the opportunity to work on a variety of strategic and high visibility proje...
Comcast Cable | Stati Uniti | Vendite, Inglese
“* Communicates, engages and provides customer with education on products and services. ...
Comcast Cable | Santa Fe | Vendite, Inglese
“This role functions as a trainee position with a growing degree of proficiency and a decreasing level of super...
1 – 8 di 14
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