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Barcelona, Spain
Organizzazione: Azienda
Settore: Salute
Dipendenti: 1000+
Fondata nel: 1959
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More than 2,000 Ferrer collaborators work on a daily basis to build a company that actually believes in people and in the development of their potential. 

Our teams are made up of eager, demanding, committed, authentic individuals with no shortage of drive and nonconformism. 

We make sure we provide a dynamic atmosphere, and it is the collaborators themselves that guide their own professional careers, the ones who decide growing with us and the ones that make our results possible.

We offer an environment of ongoing learning, which means we love thinking out of the box and trying new things, without fear of making mistakes. And of course, always taking risks!

If you would like to form part of this team, get on board with change. 

Your path starts here and now. Would you like to walk it with us?

Stage e lavori presso Ferrer
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Ferrer | Spagna | Stage, Management, Spagnolo
“* Redacción de la metódica analítica en el sistema documental Opentext. ...
Ferrer | Barcellona | Medicina, Inglese
“* Leads the supervision and execution of medical scientific communication adapting content and format to audie...
Ferrer | Barcellona | Management, Inglese
“This includes monthly closing, forecasting, and reporting to the main stakeholders. ...
Ferrer | Mexico City | Management, Spagnolo
“Requisitos Si cuentas con licencitura y cédula profesional en QFB, QFI, QBP. ...
Ferrer | Aguascalientes | Medicina, Spagnolo
“* Cuentas con conocimientos de auditorías * Eres licenciad@ en Administración, Ingeniería o carreras afine...
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