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Owens Corning
Toledo, Ohio, United States
Organisation: Geschäft
Bereich: Grundstoffe / Konstruktion
Mitarbeiter: 10000+
Gegründet im Jahre: 1938

Owens Corning is a prominent building materials company that focuses on producing insulation, roofing, and composite materials. Established in 1938, it has a long-standing reputation for delivering innovative solutions to the construction industry. The company's headquarters is located in Toledo, Ohio, USA. With a global presence, Owens Corning employs thousands of dedicated professionals to ensure the success of its operations.

Owens Corning has a substantial workforce, comprising over 10,000 employees worldwide. The company's financial performance has been impressive, boasting steady revenue growth and profitability. The company reported a net sales increase of 15% in 2022 to $9.8 Billion

Praktika und Jobs bei Owens Corning
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Owens Corning | Chambéry | Praktikum, Management, Französisch, Englisch
“* Formation en informatique, de préférence de niveau Bac+3/4, BUT 2ème année possible en fonction de profil ...
Owens Corning | Vilnius | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch
“* Result oriented * Ability to cope with deadlines and to multi-task ...
Owens Corning | Granville | Praktikum, Management, Englisch
“* Assemble a technical report of project results Job Requirements ...
Owens Corning | Scarborough | Logistik, Englisch
“* Performing Job Hazard Analysis prior to maintenance activities ...
Owens Corning | Georgien | Design, Englisch
“Utilizes computer expertise to complete records and reports and manage data (includes SAP, work orders, invent...
Owens Corning | Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika | Industrie, Englisch
“* Assist during process upsets as needed. * Wear all safety equipment necessary for the job and follow all p...
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