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Standard Chartered
London, United Kingdom
Organisation: Geschäft
Bereich: Banken / Finanzen
Mitarbeiter: 10000+
Gegründet im Jahre: 1969

Established in 1969, Standard Chartered PLC is a leading international bank that primarily focuses on the diverse and rapidly growing markets of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. With its headquarters situated in London, UK, the bank leverages its deep-rooted history and expansive network to serve clients in a myriad of countries. As of 2022, Standard Chartered employed over 85,000 individuals, dedicated to providing a wide range of financial services including retail, commercial, and private banking.

Financially, Standard Chartered has demonstrated resilience and adaptability, continuing to grow and adapt to the dynamic global economic landscape. Specific recent financial data would require a review from their latest annual or quarterly reports.

Praktika und Jobs bei Standard Chartered
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Standard Chartered | Hong Kong | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch, Chinesisch, Koreanisch
“The group sits within the Commercial, Corporate and Institutional Bank and works with sales and coverage teams...
Standard Chartered | Mumbai | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch
“* Submission of T&E and Eprocs for the team Key stakeholders ...
Standard Chartered | Changzhou | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch
“* 严格遵守所有银行内部规章流...
Standard Chartered | Singapore | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch
“* Be better together, we can be ourselves, be inclusive, see more good in others, and work collectively to bui...
Standard Chartered | Frankfurt | Praktikum, Personalwesen, Englisch, Deutsch
“* Preferably existing HR experience gained during previous internships/employments ...
Standard Chartered | Kuala Lumpur | Praktikum, Management, Englisch
“* Full accountability for the service delivery relationship with clients. ...
Standard Chartered | Kenia | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch
“We're the preferred banking partner to over 5,000 clients, covering large corporates, financial institutions, ...
Standard Chartered | Johannesburg | Praktikum, Finanzen, Englisch
“Here is where ambition meets impact - join us to shape the future of banking. ...
1 – 8 von 31
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