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Paris, France
Organisation: Business
Main Industry: Internet / New Media
Employees: 100+
Year Founded: 2013
Corporate Website
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Most businesses want to deliver extraordinary service that makes their customers feel like the only ones. But as a company grows, it becomes incredibly difficult to deliver this kind of service to hundreds, thousands, or millions of customers. Most businesses choose scale and efficiency over quality — and customer experience suffers. At Front, we equip companies to have it all — scale, efficiency, and quality, human-to-human interactions that lead to extraordinary customer experiences. And along the way, we make sure teams are working happier too. 

How? Front is a hub for customer communication that allows companies to offer tailor-made service at scale. Front looks and feels like your email inbox with a few very important differences: teammates collaborate in the same place where external messages are sent and received, and behind the scenes, robust workflows and integrations power the efficiency and insights typically found in a CRM. More than 6,500 businesses use Front to work together to send out the best replies faster, keep messages organized across channels, and always maintain a personal touch. The result is premier, personalized service that scales with your business — and a team that works together as one.

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Front | Dublin | Logistics, English
“You will be successful in this role if you have a bias for action, can operate with agility without sacrificin...
Front | Dublin | Sales, French, English
“However, because of our historical presence in France, we enjoy a strong brand presence there. ...
Front | Dublin | Management, English
“You will be responsible for making sure every customer in your book is successfully and speedily onboarded....
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