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The Inhuman Face of Capitalism: Sumerian-Akkadian-Aramaic Civilization, Cowboys, Snitches, Bouncers, Drones, Cybersecurity and Nuclear Technology
Ukraine, Vocational training
, 2020
Link: https://rentry.co/iscsbd

This review discusses training, internship and collaboration opportunities with big business, tech corporations, leading research organizations, academia, universities, leading scientists, cutting edge engineers, and professors. This is true for different work and study situations. Potentially comparison and analysis can be carried out on the example of different countries of immigrants, for example, the USA, Germany, France, various countries of the European Union, as well as Israel. Of course, any criticism of Israel will automatically be considered anti-Semitism. But what to do when various people of Jewish origin are discriminated against, receive streams of moral impurity and xenophobia not only in Europe, the United States, but also from the citizens of Israel. At the same time, various immigrant countries and Israel have been granting their citizenship for many years to people who have little or no relation to the victims of discrimination faced by representatives of various ancient peoples. Of course, there are many possible social issues and aspects to discuss. An in-depth review, analysis and comparison can be carried out on the example of different countries. This is done below with an emphasis on citizens of Israel, the EU and the United States. But this experience is relevant for other countries as well. We present various positive and negative points. Below is a detailed overview titled "The Inhuman Face of Capitalism: Sumerian-Akkadian-Aramaic Civilization, Cowboys, Snitch, Bouncers, Drones, Cybersecurity and Nuclear Technology." First, the text contains a summary of the overview. Second, a detailed in-depth review follows. Both positive and negative aspects are discussed. The overall rating on various aspects is “satisfactory with a minus” or “unsatisfactory with a plus”.

Link: https://rentry.co/iscsbd


Lots of tourist attractions; many cultural and historical attractions; various technological and economic opportunities; software and hardware development - important sectors of the economy; many hardworking, polite and honest people; many important places for religious people; holy places for Jews, Christians, and Muslims; good living conditions; romantic atmosphere; Kosher food is the norm in the local diet and in fast food.

Link: https://rentry.co/iscsbd


- Bureaucratic social strata and circles of officials and their close friends are automatically considered "geniuses".

- Many, when they need something, will ask and beg.

- Military service is important and fundamental in order to be “your own man” in wealthy circles.

- Various local political gossip and militaristic anecdotes.

- Of course, any “foreigner” is associated with a neighboring country or an Arab country.

- We believe that wealthy foreigners should be from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

- We all dream of personal contacts or friendship with the Lebanese.

- The only close neighboring country to travel is Jordan to see Petra.

- We can work in neighboring countries, for example, in Egypt.

- We have normal relations with some countries, because we returned the occupied territories to them.

- Papers and documents are more important than real people.

- Grants, salaries, jobs, career opportunities only for loved ones, relatives and friends.

- Some people are boring, unrealistically closed, stupid or unhappy with tourists, guests and various “new arrivals”.

- Gossip about friends and neighbors.

- There are specialists who know everything about everyone in all areas.

- Many do not understand the Arabic language, do not watch or read either the leading Arab media or any non-Israeli media.

- Some people have little interest in knowing anything other than what is needed to achieve their own immediate benefits, fulfill their own plans, and achieve their very limited, selfish goals.

- There are very few opportunities for cooperation with people from the "aggressor countries", but everyone wants a good attitude towards themselves.

- There are friendlier and wealthier countries for immigrants, including Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Link: https://rentry.co/iscsbd

The Inhuman Face of Capitalism: Sumerian-Akkadian-Aramaic Civilization, Cowboys, Snitches, Bouncers, Drones, Cybersecurity and Nuclear Technology.


This review discusses the possibilities of technology cooperation and research in the international science and education system. Today, students, scientists and engineers around the world have many opportunities. They can consider many options. For example, regions like North America and the wealthy countries of Europe have always been one of the destinations. There are also options in Asia, Hindustan, Africa, and South America. A small niche in this world is occupied by a very small but very proud country in the Middle East. Today, scientific cooperation opens up various opportunities for the development of science and education. The following overview uses the illustrative example of a small country like Israel. This can be an example of cooperation with the well-to-do, wealthy part of the world and the capitalist system. Of course, there are many positives. But, nevertheless, there are negative points that can be improved. This review below discusses both the positive and negative points.

Link: https://rentry.co/iscsbd


Today there are various possible important topics for discussion and problems in the international system of science and education. Historically, different regions of the world have always been multilingual or multinational. The overview below discusses the topic of various phobias and discrimination against frequent travelers, international students, researchers, and academics. At first, the manifestations of various phobias and negative social phenomena may be imperceptible. Some may not notice them at first or for a long time. But various negative phenomena and their consequences can manifest themselves slowly or continuously in different aspects and areas. No one is completely protected from aggression or bullying.

For example, professors, conference organizers, and company executives give preference to people from certain countries. For example, these are rich countries, NATO member countries, the EU, countries with fast growing economies and allies of these countries. Some give the lowest priority to “difficult to communicate” people, citizens of “bad countries” or students from “Mordor”. Many do not differentiate at all between people from the "axis of evil" countries. Some people cooperate with students from "aggressor countries" as if they were dealing with a beggar class. Local politicians, bureaucrats, professors and corporate executives believe that all foreigners from "aggressor countries" are constantly asking and begging for something from the rich.

In this environment of phobias, "outsiders", various representatives of "evil peoples" and "poor foreigners" deserve the lowest marks - not that someone even really wanted to do something with them in some project. Bureaucrats, scientists, officials and "wealthy people" publicly demonstrate that they do not want to communicate with them at all and even be in the same room.

Professors from "rich" countries can automatically say nasty things to students from "aggressor countries" or start bringing up difficult political topics or topics that are unpleasant to discuss. The sphere of communication between students and scholars of "good" and "bad" countries is a problem. For example, even when communicating by email. Engineers and scientists from wealthy countries may insist on why someone from the "aggressor" countries has not yet responded to all of their emails or has not yet done what they urgently need.

There are all kinds of people in this environment. Some are very polite and behave like real gentlemen. Some behave and act like egocentric capitalists, wealthy billionaires or their henchmen and lackeys. There are bastards-gentlemen, rich drakes or millionaire ducks in fur coats, with diamonds, with gold bars and with a cane. A possible topic of discussion for bohemian engineers and elite professors is why someone "specific" or "from an aggressor country" is using a word or phrase written in a public announcement in some new article. For example, such a public email might discuss the topic of an internship or a grant proposal.

Such people will carefully compare all their publications and texts with your new articles. In addition, at conferences, these people will shout and humiliate you, like many others. They will call everyone, approach everyone and personally tell them what they think of you and the "aggressor countries."

Some students, researchers, engineers and professors view people from "aggressor countries" as toys, computer games, or an opportunity to get something useful. Opportunists can persistently and repeatedly ask for the same “paper” that the “big boss” wrote for hardworking people from “aggressor countries”. For example, a recommendation, a prestigious degree, diploma, or dissertation defense can be such a useful “paper” for begging.

A kind of juggling and academic clowning occurs when allocating money for scientific work, providing grants, doing joint work, writing scientific articles and defending dissertations. At best, the lucky ones are closest friends and relatives of academic professors, government officials, local eminent personalities and high-ranking officials. For many careerists and egoists, it is more important how everything will look on paper.

On the other hand, officials and bureaucrats are automatically considered "geniuses." They receive great attention both in academic circles and in research work. For example, these are things such as defending a dissertation, receiving a prestigious award, an academic degree, or getting a new position in an organization. Of course, successful people love and adore officials. Many can testify that the work of prominent officials and bureaucrats requires "tremendous intellectual effort." For many decision-makers, “you are nobody” without proper paperwork, but with the right paperwork, “you are human”. In other words, no one even tries to hide this degree of corruption. 

Often no effort is made to show that a prestigious degree is only awarded if all these bureaucratic procedures are absolutely necessary for something. Official steps and procedures providing a dissertation or a high academic degree may be required for someone important and noticeable. For example, such minions may be relatives of professors, officials or politicians. Some professors may wish to award titles and degrees to their secretaries, handymen, and other staff. All of this must be necessary for something very important. All other people simply have no money for a banquet, and they can live without a diploma and this "simple paper".

High priority and respect are given to people due to personal or corporate reasons. All the rest get the usual answer that they need to go "look for a professor or scientific advisor." Many people naturally get the worst possible, including the flow of various negative emotions. There are biased and angry comments. The reaction of various egoists and xenophobes is extremely negative. Some say: "I only read the headlines", others - "don't you understand that we don't want to read all this at all." The usual reaction of "well-wishers" to the scientific work of outsiders is "you did nothing." Others may write that "your work contains nothing new" or "there is little novelty in it, if any." Some even talk about the most difficult work - "there is a small novelty here." If these people receive such comments or the same attitude towards themselves, they are shocked. Many people in this environment are accustomed to well-being, and they always get what they need. You can find representatives of such an elite in different universities, corporations and research institutions.

The usual answer from professors in wealthy capitalist countries is, "Unfortunately, your work has to start over." They can provide examples of research papers and dissertations that they have worked on as academic advisors or have written themselves. Those who want to defend a thesis should do the same as in the examples, or write in the same style. Of course, the structure of the work must be completely repeated, as in the examples. Still others write about this problem or when applying for a grant, that "we do not understand something about this situation."

Often no one even tries to hide this degree of corruption. Some xenophobes even say that they failed to provoke people who came from the "aggressor country" to study or work. In other words, nationalists are confident that as long as foreigners live in this thriving capitalist paradise and rich world, they will not complain. Some complain that in this situation they are treated in the same way as in their home country or by persons of their nationality. Some may even say that it is almost impossible to treat a particular nationality well. 

In this environment, people are more interested in knowing who is dating whom, who is sleeping with whom, or who is “wife” and “husband” with whom. Successful people in such an environment are more interested in getting higher positions, higher salaries, awards and titles than working together, solving scientific problems, or improving the educational system in schools and universities.

The topic of the causes of discrimination and xenophobia is relevant both for the education system and for the corporate world.  It is important in technical, academic and corporate circles to continue discussing the consequences and manifestations of various phobias such as xenophobia and sexism. These issues affect both leading universities and corporations listed on the Nasdaq. For example, people without “correct citizenship” and people from “aggressor countries” automatically receive minimum priority. The same is true for ethnic minorities and people with disabilities.

What are the reasons for this situation and what can be corrected? Today, as always, rich developed countries and developing countries form allied political alliances and economic blocs. There is a division into countries in terms of economics and politics. One big bloc is NATO member states and their allies in different regions of the world. Bureaucrats, officials and wealthy people with citizenship of these countries today enjoy their economic, moral and intellectual superiority. Economic sanctions and the development of various branches of the military industry are used to "fight evil." All possible measures are being taken to accelerate economic growth.

On the other hand, politicians, economic elites and university professors in the free world talk about "aggressor countries" or "Mordor". These “bad” countries form the "axis of evil". Their representatives are easily called "bastards" or "dogs" by various capitalists, political leaders, well-wishers and their lackeys. Politicians, corporate managers, corporate executives and professors view people from "aggressor countries" as sources of "imperial evil", "endless anger", various "phobias" and "totalitarianism". Their representatives, closest neighbors, associates, allies and friends have an “inhuman face”.

In other words, this topic has many points of view and aspects. Today there are various cases of phobias, discrimination and negative phenomena both in the university environment and in the technological corporate environment. First, people can face cases of ethnic discrimination and sexism in economic activities, at work, in schools and universities. People can be harassed in the workplace and while studying. Second, there may be various situations of direct and indirect discrimination against people in universities and academia. Also, various cases of political demagogy, aggression and bullying are possible at conferences, seminars and lectures. Thirdly, various cases of phobias in relation to people can arise during internships and work on dissertations. Similar situations can arise when applying for a job and passing an interview. Below we will discuss various aspects of this vast area.

Link: https://rentry.co/iscsbd
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Lots of tourist attractions; many cultural and historical attractions; various technological and economic opportunities; software and hardware development - important sectors of the economy; many hardworking, polite and honest people;
Bureaucratic social strata and circles of officials and their close friends are automatically considered "geniuses". Many, when they need something, will ask and beg. Military service is important and fundamental in order to be “your own man” here.
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Physics and Electrical Engineering
Tomer B
Engineering, Electrical, 2021
Nice place. Good atmosphere.
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Kind faculty
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