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Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
European Studies, Undergraduate, University Agreement
Course recommendations
From my perspective, an Australian 4th year student who is used to a high level of intensity and independent research, the ESSCA courses seemed quite easy and very informal. Many of the lecturers are guest lecturers, or professionals from certain industries. The course structure therefore tends to be quite random, not the same week to week. Courses dealing with the EU were quite informative. Courses such as Info Systems were let down by lack of resources and (in my opinion) a somewhat unusual teaching style from one teacher. The assessment was generally okay: the exams were mostly a fair test of ability. There seemed to be a big emphasis on group project work and Powerpoint presentations for assessment: good in that it forced students of different backgrounds to interact and work together, but poor in that too often one or two students carried the group, making the group mark an fair assessment of some individuals. Some courses were good in concept, but thin on content, some of them completely finished in only 2 or 3 days, sometimes not living up to their original potential. Again, from a 4th year student point of view, many courses were a revision of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year in Australia, surprisinigly not challenging me in the way I expected an elite French school of the calibre of ESSCA would. Nonetheless, many times I appreciated the lighter workload given that I was in a new country, surrounded by the constant culture shock of French society. The experience of simply living in France (during an election year) was the biggest education on Europe anyone could ask for.
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Quality of courses
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Licence au top
Finland, Undergraduate
Management Science
J'ai adoré étudier dans cette école, le programme Bachelor est très bien construit et nous forme bien, sur plein de sujets et en 3 ans! après mes 3 ans à l'ESSCA, j'ai étudié dans une université, et j'ai compris que j'avais bien été formé.
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International, Cours avec professeurs et professionnels, ambiance très agréable, petite équipe
Les possibilités d'étudier sur les différents campus, plus de cours à la carte serait un plus
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Universidade de Macau, Macau, China
European Studies, Undergraduate, University Agreement
Personal recommendation
at least have one classroom with air conditioner for summer exchange student
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It was very good and interesting experience for me
Macedonia, Graduate
Financial Management
Courses at ESSCA school of management were very interesting and helped me upgrade and update my existent knowledge. They were all connected with finance and/or accounting, the same fields that i'm interested at studying. The professors were extremely good and every single one of them knew how to transfer their knowledge to us, to the students. I enjoyed the classes from Ms. Chan Joy, Mr. Mielcarz Pawel, Mr. Agafonow and many others. Campus at ESSCA is beautiful and I liked it very much. International and domestic students were very kind and helped me from the beginning when i was unfamiliar with the campus and the school.
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Learned a lot of new stuff regarding finance and accounting, Meet a lot of international students and made lifetime friends, will get a master degree from a well-acknowledged institution from France
The city Angers was kind of boring for me
En présentiel, Diplôme Grande École, Direction et Gestion
14025 €
En présentiel, Mastère spécialisé, Webmarketing, 13 Mois
Prix à consulter
En présentiel, Formation, Direction et Gestion, 10 Jours
4990 €
En présentiel, Formation, Direction et Gestion, 84h - 12 Jours
4200 €
Jobs & internships
Singapore, Singapore
Internship, Finance, English
Paris, France
Internship, Purchasing, French, English
New York, United States
Internship, Finance, English, French
Business, Banking / Finance
ESSCA was founded in 1909 by the Catholic University of Angers and has since prepared 7,000 business graduates who now hold prominent positions in France and throughout the world. It entertains close links with the national and the regional business community and collaborates in exchange programs with 72 universities worldwide.
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Homepage: www.essca.fr
Phone: +33 2 41 73 47 00 (Int'l Office)
Address: Ecole supérieure des sciences commerciales d'Angers, 1 rue Lakanal - BP 348, 49003 Angers, France
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