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Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Business Studies, Undergraduate, Erasmus
Course recommendations
The UPEM courses are an absolute joke for anyone with even a mediocre standard of french, and better still for those who aren't really bothered, many are offered in english. If you want to learn french, take courses with the french students, that is from the grande école programme. Some can be tricky, many teachers don't make allowances for foreigners, but with the smallest amount of effort you can pass. And a pass is alll that the french students are looking for anyway. I guarantee that the average will never be above 12 out of twenty. Unless you really like accounting, stay away from compta générale. Oral and written exams- the average this year was below ten and all my mates from the football team failed. I passed, by the skin of my teeth. 4 to 6 hours a week, mon and fri mornings, my colleague from Dublin nearly killed me when I told her to take it. Content is simple, but the written exam is simply too long for the french, never mind a foreigner. Fiscalité is no picnic. Strat Fi, 2nd year is apparently difficult, as is controle de gestion 2. Its 1st year equivalent is a joke for anyone that uses his brain. I did FA and got 19. Stay away from the language courses in second term if you're there for the year. Headwreckingly simplistic. FCP in final term is supposedly a joke- no exams- they even go camping. Finance de Marchés is handy enough for a foreigner. Regardless, don't worry about it, choose what you want, and look at it the night before and you'll be fine. There's no great depth in any of these courses. 'On étudiera la veille mon pote' is a phrase you should hear often enough.
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Universiteit Maastricht, Maastricht, Netherlands
Marketing and Sales Management, Graduate, Erasmus
Personal recommendation
Professionalisation. Increase quality of some courses and of easy exams. Let students study themselve instead of presenting everything in class.
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École très généraliste qui prône une politique de spécialisation de par les expériences professionnelles
Margaux P
France, Graduate
Business Studies
Neoma est une école de commerce qui tend à évoluer dans le classement français et international.
Le fait de ne pas avoir de spécialisation dès mon entrée en Master m'a un peu refroidi au premier abord mais s'avère finalement intéressant afin de continuer à nous faire découvrir les différents aspects de la gestion d'entreprise.
Professeurs à l'écoute avec effectif de classe largement correct pour nous permettre de suivre les cours convenablement.
Nécessité d'être indépendant pour s'épanouir pleinement dans l'école car l'accompagnement est moins fort en Master qu'en Bachelor.
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Locaux, corps professoral ayant des expériences professionnelles dans de grandes entreprises
Participation dans les cours, accompagnement personnalisé
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Bonne école de commerce dans le top 10
Adeline D
France, Graduate
Marketing and Sales Management
Je connais peu de personne complètement satisfait de leur école de commerce, mais Neoma Business School a l'avantage de proposer des cours d'assez bonne qualité, des partenariats avec de grandes entreprises, et de rendre l'échange universitaire gratuit et possible pour tous les étudiants, qu'importe leur niveau.
De plus, Neoma est une école qui est assez bien connu des recruteurs et grands groupes de manière général.
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Nombreuses universités partenaires partout dans le monde. Les étudiants sont envoyés en petit groupe ce qui empeche de se retrouver qu'entre français, et il se déroule pendant un semestre de cours (pas comme dans d'autres écoles où il remplace un stage)
Administration lente et non arrangeante avec les étudiants (comme partout)
En présentiel, Bachelor, Direction et Gestion, 4 Ans
9.500 €
En présentiel, Bachelor, Direction et Gestion, 4 Ans
8.500 €
En présentiel, Bachelor, Administration et Secrétariat, 3 Ans
7.500 €
En présentiel, Bachelor, Direction et Gestion, 3 Ans
5.500 €
Jobs & internships
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105.055 offers in 137 countries
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We educate students, executives, and entrepreneurs, and generate knowledge to shape the future of business and society in a global, sustainable, and connected world.

In an era of artificial intelligence, we foster human intelligence.

The school offers an extensive portfolio of programmes across its campuses in Reims, Rouen and Paris, and its virtual campus, from Bachelor’s and Master’s in Management to Executive Education, for over 9,500 students.

The faculty includes more than 185 permanent professors and research-professors, 72% of whom have an international profile. NEOMA Business School has more than 65,700 graduates based in 127 countries.
At NEOMA Business School, we know one thing for certain:
in an ever-changing world, education must open up new pathways.
This is why we are challenging traditional educational models of teaching content to equip our students to play an active role in the transformation of companies and of today’s society, and provide them with the skills they need to pursue the professions of tomorrow.

In an era of artificial intelligence, we also believe in human intelligence.
In an era of individualism, we foster empathy and collaboration.
In an era of globalisation, we believe that uniqueness comes from a person’s character, values, commitments, and passions.
Because having a passion, means having direction, because we are ourselves passionate, we guide our students and encourage them to innovate, to experiment, to take initiative. We want them to find themselves, to find the best pathway to their own fulfilment, to develop skills rather than merely learn techniques. We encourage them to strive for better, to lead the transformation of society and to meet any challenge, both in France and around the globe.

Presided over by Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the School has been granted the status of Consular Higher Education Institution (EESC). The Dean is Delphine Manceau.
The school is triple accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.
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Other names: NEOMA BS
Homepage: www.neoma-bs.fr
Phone: +33 (0) 2 32 82 58 62
Address: 1 Rue du Maréchal Juin, 76825 Rouen, France
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