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Ce que j'ai eu a realiser et acquerir durant mes annees d'etudes.
Tunisia, Undergraduate
Engineering, Mechanical, 2019
My student years at Hebei University of Science and Technology has undoubtedly prepared me for my prospective working life, not only did I get a proficient understanding of advanced engineering and designing, but also a keen sense of interest in the field of teaching English to Chinese students. It was during the vacation time at Baoding ,Laiyuan and Shijiazhuang in Hebei province, an ambitious start-up training to be manager, responsible of things or persons. When I started to involve myself in more teaching activities, whenever I finished my daily teaching duties at work, I would take on extra tasks in other fields such as business management and consulting. Although these tasks proved to be challenging at first, they have definitely expanded my knowledge bases and furthered my interest in the field of Engineering Management and Economics.
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My vacation moments
Wish Hebei University to improve the students live conditions especially in term of scholarships.
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everything is good
Bengo B
China, Undergraduate
Economics, 2022
everything is ok...they take care of us on time
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teachers are kindly with foreigners,
good teaaching
Description not available at this time.
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Phone: +86 31 2502 2648
Address: Hebei University, No.88 Hezuo Rd., Baoding City 071002 Province, P.R.CHINA, Hebei, China