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St Petersburg Electrotechnical University 'LETI' (ETU) reviews

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My experience in Electrotechnical university (LETI)
Iseyas F
Russia, Graduate
Engineering, Electrical
My first glance began when I met an international student recruitment & support manager with warm, polite and full cooperation and continued throughout my studies. Within two years study in LETI, I gain more knowledge and practice from the breadth curriculum and well experienced professors of the university beside all COVID 19 obstacles we faced. Thanks to GOD, I succeed with my difficulties with full support of Russian friends, professors and different student issue related offices. I consider my self Lucy to gain this worthful life experience.
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Experienced and scientific knowledgeable Professors.
Some of the professors have English language difficulties.
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Best physics universe
Timofei I
Russia, Graduate
Engineering, Electronic
It gave me a really great foundation in such disciplines as physics and math. And what's more, I've got a huge experience in the research area and applied science in practice.
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Basic Physics Foundations, a really expensive and innovative staff inside
Jobs & internships
Tallinn, Estonia
Engineering, English, Russian
Paris, France
Internship, Sales, English, French
Work from home
Engineering, English
Business, Telecommunications
The institution known today as Electrotechnical University (ETU) opened its doors in 1886 in St.Petersburg as the Engineering College of the Department of Post and Telegraph of Russia. Later, in l89l it was reorganised into the Imperial Institute of Electrical Engineering - the first higher education institution for training engineers and researchers in the field of electrical engineering.
In the late 19th century professor of the Institute, Alexander Popov carried out his pioneering experiments on transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves. It laid the foundation for modern wireless information transmission technology. Later professor Alexander Popov became the first elected Rector of the Institute.
The foundation of teaching and research at the Institute was laid by a number of outstanding Russian scholars such as the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences: G.O.Graftio, A.I.Berg, I.V.Grebenschikov, N.S.Kurnakov, M.A.Shatelen, V.P.Vologdin, S.Ya.Sokolov, V.I.Siforov, A.A.Vavilov; professors: S.P. Timoshenko, A.A.Smurov, N.P.Bogoroditsky and many others.
In 1992 the Institute was granted the university status and became the first Electrotechnical University in Russia.
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Homepage: www.eltech.ru
Phone: +7 812 346 28 53 (Int'l Office)
Address: Prof. Popova str., 5, 197376 St Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia