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The worse educational experience I have ever witnessed.
Switzerland, Graduate
, 2021
The Graduate Institute Geneva (IHEID) is one of the worse educational institution in Switzerland. It's important to dive into the specifics as to why. 
When it comes to a master’s degree in Switzerland, tuition ranges from 500–2,000 Swiss francs, however IHEID charges foreign students a whopping 8,000 Swiss francs. While you may argue that American universities charge more and so therefor this is a bargain, you would be dumbfounded to experience some of the educational conditions in comparison to American universities. 
• Scholarships: For over a decade, IHEID has shown no transparency on its scholarships. At this point, it can be assumed that something terribly wrong is going on behind the scene, as they have refused to show how many scholarship packages are provided but have justified an increase in tuition in this manner. IHEID has been audited by so many governmental agencies it reeks of fraudulent governance. The institute has been financially audited, its governance has been audited, even its sexual harassment mechanism has been audited. 
• Student Representation: The Institute has been called out for a lack of student involvement for years, going far as appearing in front of state officials to plead their case. It is clear however that the new director enjoys this level of student participation as she cancelled her meetings with the student association for over 3 months this past 2021 summer, to punish them, for an article that was written in the independent student press. She has called members of the association intimidating and harassing when they have advocated for better housing services. The trauma some members of the association have faced has pushed them into depression, and psychotic breaks. Alumni of the association have experienced these tactics throughout generations and is an integral part of the IHEID student association experience. 
• Sexual and Moral Harassment: IHEID Senior administrators have been accused of sexual harassment for over ten years, while the directrice herself has recently been accused of intimidating and threatening members of the Student Association, IHEID student journalists and independent advocates. IHEID’s most valuable asset isn't their students, but its reputation and anyone that attempts to bring anything to light is disposable. As a 2014 article states, if you do not like the Institute, you can leave”. 
• Career Services: As a foreign student, Switzerland is a distinctively difficult country to migrate to. You are effectively competing against the Swiss/permanent residents, and then Europeans as they are legally prioritized in terms of visas. Unless you are in one of those situation, you status will be considered a third-country national (Asians, Africans, Americans). How is it them that career services only has 1–2 person on staff for a 1000 student institution? Furthermore, the IHEID does not recognize institutional racism, and it therefore does not provide resistance techniques to counter these policies. 
• No skill-based centers: Where American universities may have writing centers, IHEID does not make any effort to close the academic gap between students whose language isn't English or may have studied in another language in their bachelors. You also do not have any math, Econ, or stats center to gain help or tutoring when needed. 
• The Interdisciplinary program: Additionally, if you happened to have chosen the Masters in International Development, you will soon notice that you are actually not learning much. The quality of the core courses are far below the quality promised. Essentially, you are buying a degree and you do not need to invest too much time or effort to your courses. It is also not expected; Professors in the Interdisciplinary program do not connect with you in the same way other program professors do. Actually, the program is referred to as the Cash Cow of the Institute by professors themselves. This program will not teach you IR concepts, the bare minimum of political science, such as you would in a government 101 class. 
  ○ Students Background: Since there are no IR or Policy sci requirements to enter this program, your peers can have studied biology or English literature. This will impact the level of academic rigor you will be exposed to. 
• Teaching Assistants: Their salaries has not been increased in over 7 years. When they sign their contracts they are not shown internal regulations or teaching staff regulations. They are not only the least paid in the entire country, when recently told they may get a raise, their social benefits such as unemployment is significantly reduced. The manner in which they are treated those not encourage master students to rely on them for academic support. 
IHEID’s priority to build its reputation on the backs of students, particularly students of diversity. The Institute counts on students’ ties with the institution to avoid improving its services. As a student whose visa is associated the school, I am less likely to revolt. The same can be said for students under scholarships, or employed by it. It is a terrible place to conduct one’s study and I would not recommend to my worse enemy. Below are some of the articles written that convey the previous facts: particularly the latest developments regarding the on going movement; No more silencing students.
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Switzerland is beautiful to travel through
Everything stated in the articles written by students
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Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Madero, Madero, Mexico
Engineering, Graduate, Erasmus
Personal recommendation
I just know about it couse I visited its page on the net
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University of Geneva
Aurélie B
Switzerland, Undergraduate
International Relations, 2021
Undoubtedly, my studies have offered me a tremendous academic perspective, going deep into the field of foreign affairs of Switzerland and international relations. Still, I feel the urge to complete it with a more concrete view to put my knowledge into practice. Consequently, an internship would allow me to deepen my practical skills and develop new areas of interest.
Moreover, the experience I have accumulated at the committee of my faculty's association allowed me to develop organizational skills, as I was responsible for various events and intern coordination.
Overall I had an excellent time at the University of Geneva.
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academic knowledge and socialization
practical skills
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Terrible university
Torgeir H
Switzerland, Graduate
, 2018
The academics itself is actually good. The staff also. What makes this a truly terrible university is the student community. It is full of SJWs who talk about others behind their back. I was out in Geneva a while after I graduated and overheard two arrogant girls shit talking some dude with a passion so I went over and said "do you by any chance study at the graduate Institute?". They looked at me like they were the lannisters and I was some working class scum who had no business talking with the likes of them and answered that they did in fact study there. Rest my case. 

Also the degree is useless  in the labour  market.
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Academics and staff
Student community, degree standing in the labour market
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Other names: Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales
Phone: +41 22 731 1730
Address: The Graduate Institute of International Studies, 132, rue de Lausanne, 1202, Geneva, Switzerland