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Too good to go
Copehagen, Denmark
Organisation: Geschäft
Bereich: Lebensmittel / Getränke / Tabakwaren
Mitarbeiter: 1000+
Gegründet im Jahre: 2015

Too Good To Go is a mobile application that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have unsold food surplus.[1] The application covers major European cities,[2][3] and in October 2020, started operations in North America.


The company was created in 2015 in Denmark by Brian Christensen, Thomas Bjørn Momsen, Stian Olesen, Klaus Bagge Pedersen, and Adam Sigbrand.[5][6] In 2017, Mette Lykke (co-founder of Endomondo) joined as CEO.[6][7][8]

The application was co-founded in Switzerland and Austria by Jörgen Munter in France by Lucie Basch and in the United Kingdom by Chris Wilson and Jamie Crummie.[9][10] [11]

In February 2019, the company raised an additional 6 million euros in a new round investment.[12] In August 2019, Too Good To Go was re-launched in Austria.[2] In September 2019, Too Good To Go acquired the Spanish startup weSAVEeat and merged it into its own brand.[2] In November 2019, the offer of Too Good To Go extended to plants through a partnership with the French retail plants company Jardiland.[13] In December 2019, Too Good To Go partnered with the French grocery retail stores Intermarché,[14] and donated 60K euros to the French charity Restaurants du Cœur.[15]

<b>Purpose and use<\b>

The purpose of Too Good To Go is to reduce food waste worldwide. It supports a free mobile application that connects restaurants and stores that have unsold, surplus food,[2][8] with customers who can then buy whatever food the outlet considers surplus to requirements—without being able to choose—at a much lower price than normal. The food on the app are priced at one-third its original price.[16][17] The company claims this reduces the waste of food that would otherwise be discarded;[citation needed] food waste is a global problem that affects the environment. In three years active, the app reached more than 9.5 million users. More than 17,000 establishments have been associated with it, and 10,092,382 food packs have been delivered[when?].

A mobile phone running Android or iOS is required and must be taken to the seller. The potential customer runs the TGTG app, which shows what outlets have what sort of food (baked foods, meals, produce, vegan food) available within a certain radius and in a specified timeslot, usually of 30 minutes or more. If any is selected the customer pays for it in a way compatible with the phone, and collects within the timeslot; the app's display confirming payment is shown, and the transaction is finalised by swiping the app to confirm collection.

In 2019 the company had 350 employees in Europe.

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