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ZS Associates
Evanston, Illinois, United States
Organizzazione: Azienda
Settore: Consulting
Dipendenti: 10000+
Fondata nel: 1983
Sito web aziendale
Informazione aziendale

ZS Associates is a renowned global management consulting and professional services firm that specializes in helping businesses solve complex problems and drive growth. Founded in 1983, the company is headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, with a presence in multiple countries. ZS Associates has a vast and diverse workforce, employing over 10,000 professionals dedicated to providing data-driven insights and innovative solutions to clients across various industries. ZS Associates has a strong reputation for delivering impactful consulting services.

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ZS Associates | Stati Uniti | Stage, Informatica, Inglese
“What you'll do: Collaborate with ZS internal teams and client teams to shape and implement high quality techno...
ZS Associates | Argentina | Stage, Ricerca, Inglese
“Identify gaps and potential script customizations. Propose alternative datasets for bioinformatics analytics p...
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