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Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (UAIC) reviews

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The life at "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University
Denisa A
Romania, Graduate
Statistics, 2021
At "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University I am studying master degree in Data Mining and I also studied bachelor degree in Informatics and Business Economics. I can afirm the fact that the professors are very open in helping students so they also offer free consulting classes. They try to keep the dynamism of each course in order for the student to learn with pleasure. I was never afraid to ask questions when I didn't understand something, and I always felt that teachers are very happy when students ask questions. 

You can also volunteer with your friends, other students and teachers

The campus is a wonderful place where you can relax at any time with friends or where you can make new friends by going to concerts or shows offered for free by other students. Also, you can have lunch in the city with friends or a lunch break at the campus canteen. In fact, the campus is located next to the wonderful Botanical Garden, the Copou Park and the Municipal Stadium.
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Happiness, learning, friendship, interest, funny, team, passion
I don't have any cons, if I had to go back in the past to choose again the university I would like to study at, I would make the same choice without any hesitation.
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Passion for education
Turcanu C
Romania, Undergraduate
Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, 2009
Sometimes we are prisoners of preconceived ideas...

I have heard that our Professor of Organizational Psychology graduated from a high school which, as a reputation, was not among high school. Hm... . That's what made us in the class, carcasses. But we have discovered that the passion for a particular field is making a teacher's value grow nicely. Our professor was doing research, he was also very involved in designing the vision of his research in concrete and in the future.

Has become loved not only respected, and we feel grateful both for a lesson of life and for what we have learned from it.

Man sanctifies the place, is our word ... :)
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correctness, implication
No partnerships with the local business environment for students interships.
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Law school - the most beautiful memories
Ioana G
Romania, Graduate
Law, 2010
In college I really liked civil law, a university subject I learned under the guidance of the great professor and lawyer, Eugeniu Safta -Romano.
Later, in my profession of lawyer, I specialized in civil law and commercial law, because I studied these subjects with great pleasure since college.
I came to the conclusion that it is very important in life to love your profession and do everything with dedication
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well-trained teachers, spacious amphitheaters and equipped libraries
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Good school, great professors, good theoretical/practical ratio
Ioana S
Switzerland, Graduate
, 2012
Between  2010 and 2012 I did my Master Studies in this great University. I studied Environmental Chemistry and Food Safety in the Faculty of Chemistry. It was a good mixture of theoretical and practical knowledge, with emphasis on discipline, sound theoretical knowledge and lots of practical skills in various state of the art laboratories.
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Great professors, possibilities to apply for Erasmus Scholarships abroad
Not enough classes tought in foreign languages (mainly English)
The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Romanian: Universitatea „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”; acronym: UAIC) is a public university located in Iași, Romania. Founded one year after the establishment of the Romanian state, by an 1860 decree of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, under whom the former Academia Mihăileană was converted to a university, the University of Iași, as it was named at first, is the oldest university of Romania, and one of its advanced research and education institutions.[2] It is one of the five members of the Universitaria Consortium (the group of elite Romanian universities).[3] The Alexandru Ioan Cuza University offers study programmes in Romanian, English, and French. In 2008, for the third year in a row, it was placed first in the national research ranking compiled on the basis of Shanghai criteria.[1][4] In the 2012 QS World University Rankings, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University was included in the Top 700 universities of the world, on the position 601+ , together with three other Romanian universities.[5][6] The University is a member of some of the most important university networks and associations: the Coimbra Group (CG), Utrecht Network, European University Association (EUA), International Association of Universities (IAU), University Agency of Francophony (AUF), and the Network of Francophone Universities (RUFAC).
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Other names: University "Alexandru Iona Cuza"
Homepage: www.uaic.ro
Phone: +40 32 16 61 41
Address: Universitatea "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Bd. Copou 11, 6600 lasi Iasi, Romania
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