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Really tough journey in Kaunas, but make me stronger and teach me how to stand up in my own
Alaadin e
Lebanon, Undergraduate
Financial Management
Very happy with my university choice
I am currently a student in Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). And so far I am very satisfied with my university in pretty much every way. 
– At least for my studies program (manufacture management), studies are based a lot on practical work (rather than only theory lectures), which I value a lot.
– Business faculty is very well equipped: many computer classes, there is never a lack of computers. All computers have all the necessary software installed.
– As far as I know, there are also many labs in other faculties (Mechanical Engineering, Chemical faculty, Civil Engineering) with modern equipment. Students have opportunities to use all those labs by themselves for additional research if they wish to do so.
– University provides support for students wishing to start their business. For example, some get free office in one of the dorms.
– Professors, as much as I experienced personally, are usually helpful and friendly, working really hard to make studies as good as possible. You can always contact one of the professors if you want advice, whether is it about your studies, your research work, your business, or anything else.
– Accommodation/dormitories: could be better, but overall they’re not bad. There are a few newly renovated dorms.
– Lots of international students.
– Many student organisations.
– Overall student life in Kaunas: I’d rate it as amazing.

Overall, I’m really happy with my university in pretty much all aspects, I can see that students are really being cared for in here.
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Helpfully and friendly in university environment
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My view journey in Kaunas University of Technology
Madhuvinodhan E
Lithuania, Graduate
I have completed my Master degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at KTU, Lithuania. The teachers are well trained and friendly. They clarify any kind of doubts. When a student getting admission she/he will be allocated to a mentor and that mentor guide that student very well. There will be career guide for each students. Students could able to finish their course with fun. There is an opportunity to go ERASMUS and I went to Czech Republic for an ERASMUS of one semester. To conclude, I loved the each day of my course period.
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Research works are always welcome and many types of scholarships are available which will be very helpful for students
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bruno c
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Padova, Padua, Italy
Business Studies, Graduate, Erasmus
Personal recommendation
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During my experience abroad, I ...
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Became familiar with another culture
Improved language skills
Met people from other countries
Became more independent
Partied a lot
Experienced a change in life
Advanced my studies & career
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Interesting courses but boring faculties
Vassu D
Lithuania, Undergraduate
Engineering, Computer
Most of the courses were easy  and interesting but professors made it more complex to understand sometime
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you can make yourself understand most of the subjects very easily
Sometimes there are too much things to handle which gets irritating most of the times
Jobs & internships
Vilnius, Lithuania
Internship, Legal, English
Vilnius, Lithuania
Logistics, English
Brussels, Belgium
IT, English
Business, Human Resources / Recruitment
Description not available at this time.
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Other names: Kaunas University of Technology
Homepage: www.ktu.lt/lt
Phone: + 370 7 22 29 54
Address: K. Donelaicio 73, 3006, Kaunas, Lithuania
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