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Treaty Challenge, Divine Oneness, Paradoxical Education, Values, Roles and Lessons.
Canada, Undergraduate
, 2022
My professors participated in discrimaition, stigma and psychological abuse that caused severe psychological harm. I made the decision to educate them about the harm they were causing by stating it causes anxiety, depression and suicida ideation. They refused to stop and would escalate the harm to a disturbing and inhumane extent. They would use exact same example they would be told caused suicidal ideation just to cause harm after they would be asked not to. Their abuse, stigma and harassment was repearive and ongoing it caused severe health, life and safety risks. All 8 respectful educational invites were treated like a joke and they were clearly only interested in harming me. 

      I reported them to the schools human rights office and the women who took the complaint was friends with the purpurtrator and was planning on working on a project together with her to increase the financial profits by getting more international students to attend due to the higher cost of tuition. The school was facing insolvency due to mismanaging funds on weaponizing the legal system to abuse and harass people after they would be held accountable for breaking rules. They spent almost 500,000$ on a legal bills to harass U-sports. They needed to get the profits up due to their mismanagement of funds in the past to ensure that the school didn't go on strike and it leading to reputation harm and financial profit losses. The human rights office refused to honour any and all legal and ethical obligations under their contract while handling my complaint to ensure her project wouldn't be affected with my guilty and remorseless purpurtrator. Ensuring her project with my guilty purpurtrator was not affected to increase financial profits and reputation was her only goal and she deliberatly ensured she escalated harm towards me to ensure I was silent. I requested twice that the complaint stay confidential due to my purpurtrator deliberatly escalating harm and suicial ideation after she would be told not to and it becoming unabrrable. She agreed and also wrote it in the complaint. She breached my confidentiality twice and lied about it when she was confronted when I already had the admirable evidence to prove it occurred. She refused to investigate allegations when she had the ethical and legal obligation to do so and she told multiple suspicious lies that were not even believable about why she was refusing to honour her contract. When I requested documents from her regarding the case she lied and stated she didn't have any at all and refused to provide them when I had the right to access them. 

      The staff she breached confidenlity to was the chair of the department who was also a purpurtrator of the abuse and stigma and she only escalated more abuse and harm to silence me and get her staff out of trouble. the second staff she breached confidentiality to had a history of stigma and was publicly held accountable for it in 2016 in a CBC interview due to the harm she was causing. This staff who had a history of stigmatizing students allowed a fabricated student conduct case to be accepted that was a contradictory outcome of what actually transpired. She encouraged my perpetrator to mock my allegations and pretend to be the victim and forcefully demand lists of specific cruel and disturbing punishments for me to receive just to escalate harm and silence my allegations to get herself out of trouble.

      Her defense lawyer was likley a conflict of interest with a man on the board of governors who was in control of the financial profits and reputation. They were like related and potentially bothers. He participated in severe discrimination and harm by forcing me to be banned from my own major department, forcing me to follow a restraining order he never got approved, forcing me to be silent about all allegations. He used severe and extreme intimidation and threats to the point of abuse to ensure I complied with his disturbing unethical demands. I was forced to attend a hearing to get punished and I was psychologically abused, they participated in hate speech and used the exact same example that was in the document all professionals read the spoke about completed suicide prior to the hearing, they breached my confidentiality over 20 times with my sensitive personal information just to abuse and harm me and force a prejudice contradictory outcome. Prior to the hearing I was forcefully coached in an abusive and disturbing manner by the chair via phone, email, and a list of suspicious rules to state the contradictory outcome occurred while she recored me without my concent while they defamed me. She threatened me with suspension if I didnt comply with her illegal and abusive demand. She wanted the illegally falsified evidence to ensure she would be able to fraud my education later on and never be caught for her hateful actions. The decision letter was written in the defence lawyers writing and grammar so balancing out the possibilities he likly wrote it yet it was signed by the chair of the hearing which was suspicious. I have never heard of a defense lawyer writing an outcome of a court case for a judge to ensure his own remorseless and guilty clients can neglect any and all punishments, the victim can be harmed as much as possible and  the lawyer can100% benefit financially from preying on my venerability's I had at the time so I'm not certain why this was likly accepted. The letter stated the contradictory outcome and they mocked my allegations just to abuse me and get themselves out of trouble. They were grossly negligent to all of my allegations while only having a sick obsession with escalating harm. My appeal was denied and they refused to answer questions or meet with a lawyer and forcefully demanded suspicious ex-parte communications only. 

      My purpurtrators defense lawyer who likley took the case as a conflict of interst while the HR office ignored all allegations due to being a conflict of interest contacted the student conduct office through prohibited ex-parte communications without my concent or knowledge forcefully demanding that I get suspended ASAP and banned from the property due to him finding a review about his guilty clients participating in discrmaition and refusing to stop after he witnessed this own guilty client participate in hate speech and it was the exact same example the was in the document that spoke about completed suicide while he refused to intervene or stop it. I was refused my right to have a lawyer or the right to attend the hearing to respond to his disturbing demand to have me suspended. I confronted the first illegally falsafied document that mocked my real allegations with the contradictory outcome, the hate speech and the deliberate escalating the suicidal ideation with intent while all refused to stop it. Regardless of this I was provided with a second illegally falsafied document after confronting the first one while they were all grossly neglect to all risks of harm. The document stated I refused to attend my own hearing which was a complete made up lie and a cover up to not have to honour my rights or have to face being questioned by a defense lawyer for their hate crimes that were commit through cooperate crimes after hate speech. I had 18 pieces evidence to support she was illegally falsifying the document after I confronted the first illegally falsafied diocuemtn after she forcefully coached me with abuseive threats to be video taped while being defamed while being forced to state the contradictory outcome so she would have falsafied evidence to never be caught for her cooperate hate crimes. I was refused the right to reschedule the hearing, get an appeal, respond to the allegations and have a meeting with a lawyer present. 

      This school and the bias and abusive professionals working together in their careful and sophisticated conflict of interest agreements with one another to ensure the profits and reputation was maintained while having a sickening disregard for human life took all that was needed to ensure my health, life and safety were okay to increase the changes of harming me to silence my allegations. 

      the illegal suspension and property bann I was forced to ensure caused over 23,000$ in economic damages due to my student loan, bursaries, and scholarships being denied at the last minute. This occurred after 8 family deaths while I was grieving without support while having no ID's due to being a victim of a severe crime. I was refused my right to the health clinic for my organ and I told them I may die and they abused and intimidated me for telling them that regardless of being aware I had no ID's for an alternative. I told them I needed to access the food room due to my family dying and not having ID's to go to the food bank and they abused and intimidated me to asking. I told them I needed my appeal to ensure my health insurance would pay for my meds I needed to stay alive and they abused and intimidated me for asking which was followed by lying about contacting the pharmacy to force me to walk there to get access to medications just to cause harm and humiliation. When I told them it was not funny and I may die they abused and intimated me for communicating it. I was provided with a frauded 5000$ wellness grant and they stated I would be getting access to therapy for 2 different providers and after I communicated it to the providers they refused to make the payments and abused and intimidated me for requesting it. I told them the importance of providing the therapy including being put in the intensive care unit 12 times due to overdoses and sucide attempts and they escalated the harm and abused and intimidated me for asking for the payments to be made while they breached their contract. I faced eviction and homelessness with no ID's due to being a victim of a severe crime and I was denied all basic needs and resorcuces I needed to survive due to the illegal suspension and wasn't able to replace what was taken due to not having ID's. The barriers and vonrabiity's caused me to be targeted by an gang for human trafficking and I receive threats of death and sexualized violence while being targeted and groomed for an abudcution. All of the reasons for the barriers and venerability's that made me an easy target were correlated to the illegal suspension that I was forced to ensure due to hate. After I communicated I wanted to go to a tribunal to resolve the case I was forced to endure an expulsion and my transcripts were fabricated with that to prevent me from attending another school to ruin my future and reputation. 

      I just wanted to take a moment to state I am deeply saddened and disturbed by how I have witnessed a large group of professionals force me to endure such harmful treatment while only being able to escalate harm toward my life. Not a single allegation was taken seriously, investigated or treated with dignity and respect. I am devistated in the enormous amount of professionals who have delegitimized the abuse, harm, discrimination, economic losses and safety risks. The delitamizatvon demonstrates severe bias and discrimaiton that must change. The obsession to completly terminate my voice to get the harm to stop to prevent my death and the risks from escalating is violent. The terminator approach demonstrates bias and discrimaition and escalates harm. Termination is used for bugs and rodents not human beings with feelings, potential and worth. I ask you with gratitude to put your biases aside and realize the harm treating actual people with the terminator approach like they are pests while you chuck them to their death because your not comfortable sitting down with yourself and reflecting about how you need to change. I don't need to be taught "norm setting about how I behave online" you need to be taught norm setting about how you have justified as professionals and experts forcing me to endure severe harm without shame or remorse while referring to the treatment as "the terminator example" to silence my voice that was 100% nesessary to ensure the professioanls didnt cause more harm, or escalate more helath, life or safety risks to cause my death similar to self defense. 

I will encourage all professionals who contributed to my current reality to change, reflect and grow as people to ensure no more students have to ensure this:

1) Put your nearly lethal biases aside and stop escalating the harm to try to maintain your reputation and financial profits 
2) Please realize I have feelings and potential and I do not concent to your disturbing and inhumane "terminator example" my beautiful voice isn't meant to be silenced.
3) I don't need to be taught norm setting about directly voicing my human rights professionals refused to stop violating to harm me. I was kind and polite for the first 8 months and after the health, life and safety concerns escalated I firmly believe I no longer owed them politeness as they played Russian roulette with my life. Perhaps I need to teach you norm setting about what you believe deserved severe abuse and harm while you delegitimize the harm due to biases and discrimination. 
4) Dont victim blame and delegitimize the harm by stating the allegations are just attention seeking, satire and a parody when the allegations are not a joke and all allegations were met with gross negligence. I deserve compassion and care and the risks are worthy of attention opposed to gross negligence.
5) Follow the peace and friendship treaty that was the negation from the indigenous people to end their gorilla warfare hostilities towards the settlers. Reading the treadys but neglecting to honour them doesn't count. Neglecting the negation to settle conflicts in a healthy manner and distribute resources in exchange to end the gorilla warfare hostilities isn't okay. The treaty is still legally enforceable. Please remember the original laws of the land you occupy and the legally binding negations of the peace and friendship treaty or you will be shown through creativity to remind you.
6) My spectacular dreams and goals are not going to earn themselves. There are places in the world that I must fill that no one else can fill due to my experiences and story. The specific gaps in teams and seats at tables full of doctors, lawyers, experts and researchers who justify discrimaiting towards me so much that they refer to my voice to stop nearly lethal hate as needing the "terminator approach" to dispose of me and chuck me away to my own death, or needing to be taught "norm setting" because the near lethal abuse and harm was not worthy of being voiced online after all other options were met with gross negligence and abuse. My destiny is unique, special and specular due to my experiences and story.  My incredible mastermind that is full of creativity along with my psychic gifts enhanced from the 12 near death experiences are not meant to be ignored nor silenced. I must create and invent things to make the world a better place for others. My ideas and potential are awaiting opportunities. My spirit isn't meant to be silenced nor should you attempt to force it to be. 

      Perhaps the only thing needing the norm setting online behaviour teachings is the large group of professionals who hold titles including doctors, lawyers, researchers, and experts who openly justify escalating and silencing hate while they view the abuse, harm and consequences to an actual human being as not legit enough to be anything but terminated. When you treat humans as worthy of being terminated or speak of them as such they behave in anxious, fearful and scared ways precisely what you have somehow viewed as needing to be taught norm setting about how they "choose" to behave online. The reactive abuse as an escape from the professionals and refusal to mentally comprehend that I am worthy of life and a future is unsettling. 

      Everything happens for a reason. I ask you with gratitude to allow me to teach you the significant power of honouring the original laws of the land the powerful speak of but neglect to live by, the illusion of power relations through universal laws that the powerful neglect to maintain it, and the critical importance of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable that's necessary for self reflection to ensure diversity and equality are not terminated. 

      Education and lessons at unexpected moments form unexpected people are the reason everything correlates perfectly to ensure universal Law of Divine Oneness. we are all connected regardless of illusion of separation due to bias that has been taught, practice and never fully understood until the willingness to be uncomfortable with breaking the separation bias through self reflection is overcome. 

      My divine spirt isn't meant to be silenced or punished. All barriers to my destiny you place will supernaturally be removed and all harm your attempt to cause will return through the cause and effect law. Wasting energy, effort and time harming me in turn affects yourselves and all energy put into working to put barriers in my journey will always be supernaturally removed due to the power of my divine spirit. 

      Honour the treaty, work towards divine oneness and have gratitude for the creative lessons you needed to learn like a missing puzzle piece throughout your journeys.

      knowledge is love and light and vision 🙏🔮🧿📝💡⚖️
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Opportunity to teach divine oneness and creative treaty lessons to the visiting settlers who resisted the meaning of the teachings while separating me with bias
Lack of equality and education from the bias educators
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Suzie Dunn ( This is For You).
Canada, Undergraduate
, 2023
Hello Suzie Dunn,
      Yes I do understand you have titles that involve AUTHORITY however you must understand it is not a permission slip to lack leadership by accessing my trauma and republishing it without my consent while being bias, rude and lacking following your own values. 

      Your decisions to have an extreme level of entitlement to my experience, traumas, story, court case and human rights tribunal by potentially accessing it without my consent, publishing it without mu consent as well as escalating the abuse, hate speech and trauma due to your own bias and stigma you refuse to put to the side as a professional while forcefully controlling others to be regulated, follow coercive controlling demands, or defaming them to harm them is not acceptable or ethical.

      Since you have already got the case somehow that I never ethically or legally provided you access to nor did I consent to you must already be aware of the following:

1) I faced over 4 years of discrimration, bias, hate speech, abuse, and cooperate hate crimes leading to over 47,500$ in economic damages while being left for my own death with no healthcare for my liver, no speiaal food for my health, no meds, no support and no secure housing while being tormented by a human trafficking gang by receiving rape and death threats. Saint Mary's University took ZERO allegations seriously and was only interested in money and looking nice. I had evidence of claims and they would punish me severely to maintain their buissness sales and image while having a sickening disregard for human life. 

2) All complaints and allegations were not taken seriously, investigated and I was always met with more abuse and harm to silence me.

3) My main purpurtrator Rachel who states she is a lawyer is frauding her title and it is her fake legal claims that everyone believed that led to my wrongful punishments which was a contradictory outcome. 

4) Your coworker who works in the same exact department as your who may have breached my confidentiality who's name is David Fraser who may have taken the case as a conflict of interest for Philip Fraser and they may be brothers more likley then not wrote his own decision letter for the hearing while posing as the "defence lawyer for the 2 guilty and remorseless professors that the somehow found in their personal lives" 

5) The claims about suicidal ideation were because my main purpurtrator would deliberately escalate suicidal ideation with intent. I have a pile of evidence of this by using my psychic gifts to predict specific acts of abuse and hate speech, emailing her like a causanary tale warning not to commit and while stating it would cause anxiety and suicidal ideation, which was ALWAYS followed by her doing the exact illegal act of hate speech to deliberatly cause harm very similar to nurses with munchausen syndrome by proxy who deliberately harm their patients while lying to ensure victims are never believed and all professionals will fall for the lies and made up stories. She would deliberety cause the symptom and I have the evidence to prove it. All claims about this topic are about her doing this. NEVER and I repeat NEVER were any of them made for your stigmatizing allegation of when people self harm after someone disagrees with them they are abusive and playing with your feelings. Thank you for allowing me to clarify this detail to ensure you are aware of the details to prevent further speculation from you and other professionals who have all clearly demonstrated ZERO care for my experience as a victim. 

      Since you have demonstrated an enormous amount of curiosity for my experience and trauma I never provided you access to I would appreciate it if you would answer the following questions:

1) Did David Fraser breech my confidentiality to you?

2) Who was your case study about in your video with Uottawa about AI and politics? Did you access it in an ethical and legal manner? Did you get informed consent? Was it provided to you voluntary by the victim? Listening to your speech and comments about the "terminator approach" while you more likley then not never demonstrated a teeny tiny amount of care for that victim was abusive, bullying, inhumane and sickening to witness. Perhaps that victim was indigenous and recently lost multiple family member to the cultural and social genecide that is in fact encouraged by professional that have the same values as you. The "terminator approach" value that includes the idea that professionals can abuse victims and victims can't speak about it and if they do you'll find a way to terminate and regulate it to cover up for them. 

3) Who was your case study about in your video with The Diversity Institute about Online Harms? Did you access it in an ethical and legal manner? Did you get informed consent? Did you take a moment to ask if the victims was okay or demonstrate even the slightest bit of care for the experience? Did you take a victim who stated that they faced hate speech and hate crimes and title them purpurtrator to abuse and bully them to cover up for the professionals? I found it incredibly abusive and disturbing to witness you take that content about abuse, hate speech and hate crimes and sit back remorseless not caring about the victim by stating the "victim NEEDED to learn ONLINE BEHAVIOUR TEACHINGS" I found it to be incredibly heartless and sickening to witness while you hold the titles you do as a professional. To be clear victims who face severe ABUSE and HATE SPEECH and HATE CRIMES who are abused for reporting it DONT need to be taught your behaviour teachings. You need to be taught how to have empathy and compassion for women who are low income who have no other option to stand up for themselves to prevent their own death. 

4) Who was your case study about in your article titled young people need more support to deal with online harms through the conversation? Did you access it in an ethical and legal manner? Did you get informed consent? Did you take a moment to ask if the victims was okay or demonstrate even the slightest bit of care for the experience? Are you defaming victims of having sexist double standards to abuse and bully them because you view women living in poverty as punching bags who deserve nothing but abuse while being left for their own death because you lack empathy and care the that EXTREME extent? Why do you feel the need to tell victims who have lost over 47,500$ in fraud, been denied healthcare for their liver, their meds, housing and food that they DESERVED TO FACE IT BECAUSE THEY STOOD UP TO THE ABUSE AND HARM THAT ALMOST KILLED THEM? What part of you lacks empathy and care to the disturbing extent that you are mentally capable of publishing that? I would never imagine telling a victim that if they counter abuse, hate speech and hate crimes they deserve to be denied all resources for their survival. Why do you think that if poor women try to prevent being abused they deserve being denied access to power? Did you publish this particular paragraph to target a particular victim by chance? 

5) Who was your case study about in your CBC interview about how victims are not getting the hep they need? Did you access it in an ethical and legal manner? Did you get informed consent? Victims don't want to tell you what apps they are using because you are an abusive bully who will likey look them up and gossip and slander their reputation without their consent and ruin their reputation while telling them they deserved it to be outright malicious to ensure you can maintain your own image of caring about diversity and equality when you have an inability to have empathy for women who are low income, lack resources, have bad grammar and trauma. Victims navigate their traumas alone and not supported because every single resources available to them abused them, failed them and stigmatized them so they have NO option other then to be alone with their psychic religious practices to nagavagte the malicious and outrageous professionals who pose as diversity and equality experts. Our novel experiences are caused by professionals who discriminate and refuse to stop and have childish tantrums if they are held accountable by demanding suspensions to ensure they never need to stop. You accept and encourage their lack of ethics which in fact is correlating to the novel experiences victims are forced to endure. The difference between experimentation and exploitation is income and intersectionality. When a victim is forced to endure prolonged discrimration that you contribute to yourself they are actually more likley to be explored as you sit back remorseless allowing the factors that led to their reality escalate. You biggest research question is why don't young adults tell an older adult what is transpiring. The answer is every single real allegation was met with severe and extreme abuse while all professionals lied to make themselves look nice while stigmatizing me severely. Therefore I am not comfortable opening up to older adults who promote abuse, stigma, hate and inequality while posing as the opposite. YES this means young people would in fact stay in abusive and awful situation than have to face an oppressive system you promote through your own bias and hate. 

6) I provided you with a review in LEAF due to the multiple publications about my legal case and trauma you have accessed without my consent and published while speculating in a heartless rude and degrading manner. I was very clear about 2 things I wanted you to STOP which was religious/psychic discmriation by speculating about hacking security cameras and stigma towards mental health by stating people with mental health disorders are a danger. After receiving this you published both of those with exact details that I asked you not to. I am empathetic to mistakes but your deliberate refusal to stop and obession with targeting me with your abusive hate speech is a major concern. 

      Other Info:

1) To be clear you are the professional who has accessed a victims case and trauma without their consent as well as made multiple publications about it which were abusive, bullying and inhumane. The fact that the victims found them is not you being targeted. 

2) My purpurtrator is frauding her lawyer title. Her legal claims are not real and she is escalating harm towards me to abuse me while desperately trying to get herself out of trouble. She has never needed a restraining order nor has one been applied for or approved by a judge. You don't need to have pity for how you have published my case which included her and me and I gave you a review about your severe lack of ethics by not getting my consent so I must be PUNISHED by indirectly writing about it in the LEAF review. Your enabling her criminal behaviour and people pleasing by advocating for her needing indirect communications from me to be punished in the restraining order she never had, never needed with her fake legal claims with her frauded lawyer title. 

Thank you so much for the fantastic opportunity to clarify information with you in regards to my experience, trauma and legal case you have accessed and published without my consent with a stigmatizing rude lens which hurt my feelings. I thought your curiosity would appreciate the the clarity to FACTUAL INFORMATION opposed to the frauded lawyer title from Rachel, fake legal claims and lies you have been told so far. 

I would very much appreciate and value if you would use this as a learning experience for your future work in the field to ensure no more out of control complex situations occur like this again. It has been several months on your ongoing deformation, disinformation and harassment. I never consented to any of it nor will I ever consent to it. 

I wish you the best of luck in your career and curious projects. However due to your bias, never getting my consent and name calling I do not want to take part in your curiosity about my life. 

Thank you for your entitlement and curiosity about my experience. However you must understand your titles of "authority" do not give you the permission slip to not be held accountable for your lack of ethics. Your authority titles do not FORCE my consent to your forcefully controlling a demand to get my legal case in a unethical manner, publish it with bias and hate and then fake care to offer fake support to judge my personal life and applications I use. Having power is about maintaining the values you speak of including consent, not being abusive, and being caring. You speak and demand others to do this but completly neglect to be it. Therefore your power isn't being maintained and people are less likely to take you seriously even the slightest bit. 

You and your friends have broken my trust severely and I would appreciate the following from you:
1) Stop forcefully accessing my trauma without my concent
2) Stop making multiple publications about it with a bias and rude lens
3) Don't escalate anymore hate I am a psychic and you will not successfully fool me with your bullshit, childish act outs and games. Research remote viewing psychics, Russel Targeted and magic religious rituals if you feel the need to be curious about it. 

I will be busy creating a spectacular life for myself while being as healthy as possible. Don't be a barrier to my dreams, goals and potential anymore then what you have with your rude and cruel judgements and forced consent due to your illusion of your authority title while neglecting to honour your values.

Good luck with your curiosity and career.
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Complex Games Blocking My Potential
Your Authority Never Forced My Consent
Useful  |  4
Admisable Evidence/DON'T Lie to Your Friends
Canada, Undergraduate
, 2023
Robert Summerby-Murray, 
      Don't lie to your friends, professionals and others who are employed at other organizations to make yourself look nice and to ruin my reputation and future more than what you already have. 
      Provide all of your friends and other professionals at other schools and organizations that your lying to the following: 

1) The admissible evidence of my professor deliberately escalating anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation with illegal hate speech after I would have psychic visions of specific acts, warn her not to in emails like a causanary-tale which was always followed by her not being able to stop harming me and deliberate participating in the exact example I would warn her not to for over 10 months. Go into detail how you allowed and encouraged her to do it and your very first "solution" to her illegal and unethical behavior was to suspend me as a severe punishment opposed to stopping her illegal acts 
2) Provide them the 1.5-hour long hearing that I was forced to attend while being recorded without my consent where I was severely psychologically abused, and my guilty and remorseless professors participated in inhumane hate speech which was followed by hate crimes. Prior to this hearing I had a psychic vision that I was going to happen and begged all professionals including leaders to not force me to go which was followed by forcing me to endure those exact acts. The hearing video is currently under a litigation hold and I have reminded all professionals including leaders multiple times to not delete or destroy it or I would charge them with obstruction of justice. I ensured that I repeatedly sent the reminders to ensure that not a single abusive heartless hate crime criminal would be able to sweep their hate crimes under the rug. I have the legal right to access this piece of evidence but you have refused to honor my right to access it multiple times which is suspicious. 
3) Tell them that the two lawyers who participated in severe corruption, cooperate crimes, white collar crimes and discrimination which means all of their motives for their illegal and unethical acts are hate and are about to go under severe public scrutiny through NSBS and there will be a public formal hearing. The severity of the complaint which includes admissible evidence that was collected by using my psychic gifts and past 7 years of volunteer experience in the criminology field to “catch” their outrageous acts. The society has requested  defense lawyers for both of them for three different areas of law including criminal, civil and administrative law to ensure they can defend themselves which will be an extremely lengthy and expensive process. Due to my psychic gifts predicting all illegal and unethical acts and my past work experience of volunteering in the field I was able to get admissible evidence for all allegations and they sadly will not be able to defend themselves regardless of the money they spend on legal fees. They will likely be given the option to disbar themselves and never apply again to the law society opposed to doing the lengthy investigation because the strength of the evidence as well as the enormous amount of shame with the allegations which will severely affect the publics perception of the legal system. Throughout the entire time communicating with both lawyers I provided them with alternative measures to give them the option to take their accountability and turn their lives around but both of them willfully chose to continue their misconduct. I am grateful that I am a psychic and had my past work experience to navigate collecting the evidence to protect myself form their awful choices. However, I am deeply saddened that both of them refused to take the alternative measures I provided them every step of the way by stopping their misconduct and turning their lives around. So, they made the choices that led them to this point and neglected to take advantage of my humble and kind offers along the way. 
4) Show them that Rachel Zellars who created this severe catastrophic dramatic tornado messy and suspicious conflict among multiple individuals and professionals did so by frauding her lawyer title and she is not part of the law society. She committed hate speech and hate crimes and there is admissible evidence to prove it. She lied and make up an overcomplicated legal story to sadly try to get herself out of trouble and wrongfully punish me instead to lie to people. None of her claims were ever slightly believable or convincing. She stated the allegations were deformation which was a lie. 
5) Show them the email David Fraser who posed and falsely impersonated the defense lawyer for Rachel Zellars and dr. Val Johnson who were lying about being "defamed" when there was evidence to prove the claims and you neglected to investigate a single allegation sent Lynn Basso who works in the student conduct office after he wrote the first hearings decision letter, emailed it to Veronica Stinson and had her sign off on it. In this email he forcefully demands a suspension and property Bann ASAP because his guilty and remorseless clients were given an anonymous review stating "they participate in hate speech and refuse to stop after multiple request and the school allows them to severely punish students who report it #endstigma #Icomeas1andstandas10,000" In the 1.5 hour long hearing that is currently under a litigation hold and you have never had a single moment to accident destroy or delete it because of all of the excessive reminders I provided you will see these exact activities occur. Claire Milton desperately tried to cut out David Frasers information form this email by only sending the reviews and not his original email to desperately try to obstruct justice and lie about what was occurring. However, I had a psychic vision David sent the emails and I prayed for it so I would have the admissible evidence to prove it. My prayers ALWAYS come true, and I only have good karma including in all of my past lives so, ironically, I was magically handled the evidence willfully via email after I prayed for it. The forceful demand for a suspension and property Bann for this specific allegation is completely unreasonable, inhumane, and abusive. The thing about having Favour from God and a special destiny is that it never really matters what roadblocks or barriers others sadly try to place in my path they will always supernaturally be removed. My destiny is meant to occur due to the favor I have from God. You cannot be a barrier or roadblock to my destiny without having it be supernaturally removed. 
6)Show them Claire Milton and David Frasers email reply's when I would ask for the following: my healthcare for my blood work for my liver condition, my access to the food room, an appeal to access income and my ID's, my right to my education, a meeting with a lawyer and my frauded therapy grant. The replies were extremely abusive, inhumane and sickening to endure as a victim of multiple events. I was psychologically abused, intimidated, and treated by Claire Milton for several months while she was negligent to all health, life and safety risks. When I asked David how and why he justified forcing me to endure it he stated he did not owe me or any lawyer representing me any form of an explanation and if I ever wanted it having a meeting to ask him about it would be pointless because he was going to refuse to speak about what he did to me. 
7) Show them your receipts to Mcginnis Cooper to David Fraser paying for his "legal services" which was in reality to frame and stage my wrongful and illegal suspension to look legit because you encourage far right extremism to that inhumane extent on your campus. I was lied to multiple times with non-believable suspicious stories about how the 2 professors hired him in their personal lives which is not even the slightest bit believable. Every single time I questioned what David Fraser was specifically doing in this case and why he was doing it and who hired him I was severely abused, intimidated and threatened which was beyond bizarre and suspicious. Would this be considered false impersonation and potentially money laundering due to hiring him to conceal the origins of the corporate crimes that were motivated by hate and discrimination? 
Thank you from the bottom of my truth specking heart for the moment to provide you with some much needed crucial advise. I just needed to ensure that you STOPPED lying about me and ruining my reputation to your friends and other professionals including the ones who know who I am. They would value hearing factual information and evidence form you that I am recommending that is all under a litigation hold. 
I will be busy creating a spectacular life for myself. Stop being a barrier to my journey by lying to your friends and other professionals to ruin my reputation and future and just hand them over the evidence that's under the litigation hold so they can see what truly transpired. 
My boundaries are the same as always: I will not attend any invites to informal meeting or hearings about this case and will only do formal hearings, tribunals and court cases. The reason for this is the last hearing I was severely and extremely psychologically abused and forced to endure hate speech which was followed by David writing his own letter and Veronica signing it to make themselves look legit. Therefore my trust in informal interactions is broken and we will need to only to the formal type to ensure you and the other professionals can behave ethically and legally. Your acceptance and encouragement towards the extreme corruption, lack of ethics and morally wrong decisions is the precise reason why I refuse to do an informal resolution. 
Throughout the entire case I provided every single professional alternative measures prior to this becoming their reality because I am a psychic and I knew it would. All offers I provided were ignored and they refused to stop their bad behaviors and that is the precise reason why their current reality is what it is. 
I used my psychic gifts like a compass to collect admissible evidence with my 7 years of past volunteer experience in the criminology field throughout the entire case just for safety purposes because far right extremism is simply not safe. So, STOP lying to your friends and other professionals about this case and hand them over the admissible evidence that is under the litigation hold so they can be made aware of what transpired. This entire case is publics interest due to the health, life and safety risks you forced me to endure while being grossly negligent to all allegations and risks of harm. The formal hearings and tribunals will be published as well and you haven't had a single moment to lie about destroying any evidence. 
Again I will be busy working extremely harm creating a specular life for myself while being as healthy as possible. Please remove your lies and made-up stories that are more likely than not being told to your friends and other professionals at other organizations and schools from the energetic field that is correlated to my fancy destiny. 

    The EXTRMELY tired student you illegally suspended who is working an excessive number of hours to make up for the economic damages. You suspended me opposed to investigating my allegations about hate speech because you simply do not “value” my equality seeking groups and would rather chuck students away to their own death opposed to putting your own bias aside while making up lies for multiple friends and professionals to ruin my reputation and future.
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Opportunity to STOP your lies and Give Evidence
Ruined Reputation and Future With Lies
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Veronica Stinson ( This is For You).
Canada, Undergraduate
, 2023
Veronica Stinson,

      I have lost a total of at least 47,500$ from you illegal and wrongful suspension that you forced me to endure through your illegally falsafied documents and after you participate in abusive, inhumane and degrading hate speech. I have never broken a rule or law and holding your friends accountable about their refusal to stop their hate speech and harassment while you sat back allowing and encouraging it while forcing me to be recorded was not against the rules nor do your illegal documents that your forged to attempt to sadly and illegally obstruct justice and get your friends out of trouble to maintain the business sales and reputation by hoping that your cooperate crimes would lead you to get a promotion if no one caught your sickening disregard for human life. 

      I hope from the bottom of my trust specking heart you are able to feel empathy for the severe and extreme psychological damage you and your fiends forced me to endure, the over 47,5000$ in economic damages that I have to make up which is fraud due to your hate crimes, the severe health concerns for my liver condition by being denied medical care and food for over 8 months, the frauded 5000$ therapy grand you gave to make yourself look helpful and supportive when your not that, the safety concerns form the denial of income, housing, and resources leading to eviction and homelessness and being tormented by a human trafficking gang by receiving rape and death threats while being groomed for an abduction. I was forced to be a victim to all of your illegal and morally wrong decisions so you would be able to cover up for your friends and make yourself look nice to your bosses to get yourself a nice promotion to ensure you would be able to likley have the "power" to continue to harm other victims. 

Answer the following questions in regard to your illegal hate speech and hate crimes you faced me to ensdure:
1) Why did you lie about David Fraser being hired by Dr. Val Johnson and Dr. Rachel Zellars in their personal lives when he was hired by Claire Milton and the President with the goal of maintaining this business sales and reputation which is what Philip Fraser is in control of who sits on the board of governevhrs who may be his brother? Would this be considered false inpersanation and money laundering due to concealing the origins of the money for the hate crimes and lying about who he is representing?
2) Why did you allow David Fraser who posed as the external lawyer for Dr. Val Johnson and Dr. Zellars write the decision letter to ensure his own guilty and remorseless clients would get out of being punished and I would be left for death with no resources  and expelled as a severe punishment? You signed your signature on it to forge the illegally falsafied document to sadly try to make yourself look legit to force me to endure as much fraud and abuse as possible.
3) During your abusive and inhumane hearing your recorded over video which is currently under a litigation hold and you have never had a single moment to fake life about accedently deleting or distorting it because I reminded you and all leaders involved in the case in a relative manner several times to ensure you would never be able to sweep your hate crimes under the rug after you left me for death. So, during this hearing I was severely psychologically abused, degraded and stigmatized illegally. Prior to the hearing I had a psychic vision this would occurred and begged you and all leaders to not let it happen and you forced it. You allowed my guilty proputtrator to use the exact example of hate speech that was in the document that spoke about completed suicide that all 10 of you read prior to the hearing. I had a pile of admirable evidence to prove that for 10 months she had deliveratly used exact example of hate speech she would be told would cause anxiety and suicidal ideation. She would deliberatly force me to endure her hate speech to cause suciidal ideation for 10 months and you allowed her to continue it after being asked not to and reading that document that spoke about completed suicide. 
4) I am a psychic and you lies and titles never fooled me. Prior to hearing 2 I had a psychic vision that you were going to refuse to allow me to attend my hearing and illegally falsify the document by lying at stating I refused to attend. This would have been your second illegally falsafied/ forged document and it was going to lead to severe harm to my life. It was going to lead to over 47,500$ in damages, me being denied my healthcare, income, housing, food and support after 8 family deaths. I knew your hate crimes of taking my food, healthcare for my liver, denying the therapy after forcing me to endure deliberate escalating suicide with illegal hate speech. I didnt want to be your homicide victim from your cooperate hate crimes nor was I willing to let your sick personality fraud me over 47,500$ in damages and ruin my future. To prevent your deliberate hate crimes form killing me, frauding me over 47,500$ and ruining my future. I created a safety plan to ensure your hate crimes would later be held accountable. Days before the hearing I started sending repetitive emails to you stating the crucial importance of me attending my hearing, asking the location and time, and then providing you with an excessive amount of solution and resolution for my and all lies you would happily tell later on to defend your hate crimes to ensure you would never be caught. I likley send you about 20 or more emails in 3 days to prevent you from denying my right to attend by scheduling it while I was in class without notice by asking the location and then deliberatly lying about how I didnt show up. My psychic visions are never wrong and regardless of desperately trying to prevent your from commiting it. You suspiciously illegally falsafied a second document after I confronted the second one David Fraser wrote and you signed to forge the illegally falsafied document. The exact psychic vision I had of you lying about how I refused to show up to my own hearing did in face occur and you sadly wrote that in the document to lie. I am so grateful I am a psychic and knew your were going to commit that hate crime and had my paper trail of multiple emails to ensure you cannot lie to avoid being caught. So, my question to you is why did you illegally falsify the second document after I confronted the first one and then lie and state I refused to attend when I made my evidence trail to prevent your from committing the hate crime? 
5) Can I please hate the video that you took of my that's 1.5 hours long that I never consented to where I was severely psychically abused and stigmatized to an inhumane extent? I have the legal right to access it. 
6) After my suspension I contacted you via email desperately requesting an emergency solution for the severe health, life and safety risks you forced me to endure including the income loss, eviction, homelessness, no food no healthcare while being victimized and threatened. I was forced to endure this due to your hate crimes while never breaking a rule. You refused to answer and instead decided to tweet "others emails are not your emergency" Your sickening disregard for human life is extremly inhumane. Are you capable of mentally comprehending that your hate crimes created my emergency that I was facing in that moment? 
7) I made the decision to hold your severe and extreme lack of ethics and illegal behaviours accountable including forcing me to endure deliberate escalating of suicide, your hate crimes by illegally falsifying documents and figning off on them after DavidFraser wrote them, and taking my resources. You sat full of your own selfish ego with NO ability to take any form of accountability and refused to be an adult about your own harm your were causing and decided to have a childish and immature tantrum because I held you accountable and stated "The accountability hurt your feelings and to never speak to you again" I am not convinced with your childish reply that your lack of accountability towards your own sick choices and putting my life at risk is acceptable. Can you comprehend that what you did was unethical, illegal and caused a severe amount of harm? 
8)Why did you forcefully coach me in your car from the grave yard to state the contradictory outcome while being video taped by you without my consent with the threat of if I didnt you would suspend me so you would have the illegally falsafied evidence to not get caught for your hate crimes? 
9) Are you mentally capable of understanifn that your hate crimes harm your victims? 
10) Why did you have another childish tantrum after being held accountable for your hate crimes and force the president to expel me to harm me and to sadly not get caught for your hate crimes? I am not convinced they were not commited I have the huge pile of emails and evidence of the occurring after I would have my psychic vision and warn you not to commit them. Why would you ruin a students reputation and future because you are not mentally capable of taking your own accountability for your hate crimes? 
11) I have received evidence from another student saved in a USB stick about a communication forcefully damanding of your hate crimes to take drugs because you got held accountable for your hate crimes. This is an extreme level of hate speech and is severely violent. Did you post this yourself to cause more harm or did you direct another person you know to post it while posing as a student? Telling a student who has a history of suicidal ideation who you forced to sit through abuse and hate speech knowing the purpurtrator was delivery escalating suicide while you refused to stop it is disgusting and inhumane. 

A few extra notes:
1) Don't send student to harass and abuse me by committing acts of hate speech and violence by demanding that I overdose on drugs because you got held accountable for your hate crimes
2) Don't demand the president to expel me to ruin my future to sadly harm and so you get yourself out of trouble
3) Don't illegally falsify or forge documents by signing off on documents David Fraser wrote and emailed to you while posing as the external personal lawyer
4) Don't tweet about my case or your sickening and heartless reactions to being asked for an emergency solution
5) Don't force other students to be a victim of your hate speech and hate crimes in the future
6) Your intolerance and hate speech towards my non contagious liver condition which occurred around the same time as your hate crimes was abusive, inhumane and disturbing. Stop discriminating because you cause harm and its illegal. Get over your selfish intolerance because you harm students and they don't deserve it. 
7) Don't mentor your students to have values that are similar to the lack of ethics and illegal choices your made throughout this case
8) Don't provide victims frauded therapy grants to lie about being helpful and supportive to make yourself look nice

I would appreciate having answers to questions. Your hate speech and hate crimes has led to severe pychiological damage that has caused complex ptsd symptoms that affect me daily, over 47,500$ in damages that I have to work an enormous amount of extra hours to make up and severe reputation harm leading to isolation. 

Your selfish crimes and huge ego is a major road block and barrier to me achieving my beautiful dreams.
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Hate Crimes/ Hate Speech/ Abuse/ Forcefully Video Taped
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