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I received my Lithuanian citizenship last year. I am living in Brazil, my grandparents migrated in the 1930s to Brazil. But I want to move to Lithuania, because my daughter already lives and studies in Kaunas. I'm looking for a job, I can do any honest.
Brazil, Graduate
Engineering, Civil
Universidade Pauliste
Experience as Judicial expert of the court of justice in the field of civil engineering and appraisals in
many cases. Civil Construction Supervision; acoustics; Civil Construction management;
Environmental assessment; Real Estate Appraisal of the Buildings, Land, Large areas of land,
Sheds, Houses, water network, electric power grid, others. Research, analyze, investigation, and
determination of the causes of constructive pathologies in buildings, foundation, retaining wall with
large dimensions, disasters of works such as: buildings, foundation, Investigation of the theft of
electrical energy; Theft of the public water network; Overpricing of prices in public works (buildings
and public works); other.
▪ Among the 400 reports I have conducted, many of them are posted on the court of law, and could
be consulted. All such technical reports are similar to scientific articles, since all documents sent to
the judges must be justified and scientifically proven, in accordance with academic documents.
Then I would like to explain a little more about it. In my technical reports, like expert civil engineer of
the judge, I have to articulate the causes of construction problems, are often based on technical
literature, scientific articles, academic research, laboratories, in addition to the evidence that acts as
a determining factor.

Work independently and communicate in matter-of-fact manner cooperating with the specialists of
other areas, business representatives, and to undertake personal and team responsibility for the
quality of the engineering work, in particular the function of the civil engineer expert of judge Court
of Justice; Work always on the basis of technically defined information. Collaborated with legal staff,
the Attorney General office and other law enforcement agencies. Facilitated and worked with local
law enforcement agencies, courts, other state and federal departments, and municipal
governments; Developed case plans and conducted comprehensive investigation tactics to obtain
necessaryevidence; Analyzed data, reports and forensic evidence.
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The ability to identify appropriate measures for himself and for others, in order to achieve the objectives of the project; The ability to control the processes and activities of a result-oriented manner.
little fluency in Lithuanian
Description not available at this time.
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Homepage: www.unip.br
Address: Rua Pamplona 145, BR-01405-900, São Paulo, Brazil, Sao Paulo
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