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Business, Marketing and Business Psychology
Denisa M
Slovakia, Graduate
, 2018
I enjoyed the courses of course, but real experience is one hundred percent better.
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The University of Prešov is the only public university in the Prešov self-governing region. It focuses on the areas of social, natural and theological sciences, sport, arts, management and health care. It was established by law in December 1996 by splitting the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice into the University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice and Prešov University in Prešov. It was officially established on 1 January 1997. The outcomes of its active education and research programmes stretch significantly beyond the borders of Eastern Slovakia. The University of Prešov is shaping into a modern and dynamic research university. Among its organizational units are three centres of excellence: Centre of Excellence in Linguo-Cultural Translation and Interpretation Centre of Excellence in Socio-Historical and Cultural-Hstorical Research Centre of Excellence in Animal and Human Ecology Through bilateral agreements, the university cooperates with 75 higher education institutions from more than 20 countries, while Presov students and teachers can spend time at one of more than 300 universities across Europe under the framework of the Erasmus programme. In addition, staff members present the results of their studies in articles that are published at home and abroad, as well as at various scientific events in countries such as Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Switzerland and the UK.
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Other names: Presovská Univerzita V Presove
Homepage: www.unipo.sk
Phone: 421-91-733-106
Address: Presov University, Nám. Legionárov 3, 08001 Presov, Slovakia
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