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Vytautas Magnus University (VYTAUTO DIDZIOJO UNIVERSITETAS) reviews

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Place where I developed as an individual
Ema M
Netherlands, Undergraduate
Humanities, 2019
Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) provides its students ultimate freedom and all the possibilities of self improvement and growth. Not to mention all the exchange opportunities it provides. In fact, VMU is considered to be one of the most international universities in Lithuania.  As a student myself, I had an opportunity to participate in bilateral exchange as well as in Erasmus + and Erasmus + Traineeship for Post Graduate students programmes. Furthermore, it has a vast range of student clubs involving not only local but international students. Along side all the opportunities that this university provides, it has a very welcoming aura that most students may only dream of experiencing. 
The wide range of subjects and lecturers of different backgrounds and at some cases nationalities adds to its vibrant colors. 
Most importantly, this university has equality, each and every one of the student is treated as a colleague which helps an individual grow, especially if they are just out of school, where they might have been suppressed.
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Freedom, international opportunities, variety of subjects
Some subjects are not very efficient
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High quality extensive education and multicultural environment
Ruslan S
Spain, Undergraduate
Public Relations / Publicity / Advertising, 2022
The university provides every student the opportunity to use creativity in courses primarily related to social sciences. Especially, it can be said about the studies included into the programme of “Society, Culture and Communication” for the bachelor degree students, which I am studying in English. Moreover, professors in social sciences and media studies use very clear concepts and personal professional knowledge to enlighten the topics. Similarly, the international student environment allows everyone to easily participate in various events initiated by both students and the university. There are, as well several other universities in Kaunas, and the well developed amusing city is becoming a respectable cultural centre of Europe. I find the Vytautas Magnus University as an institution where everyone is welcome to obtain quality knowledge along with the friendly multicultural experience.
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Well-presented education, ideal English-speaking environment, opportunity to use creativity, amusing international events
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VMU is a comprehensive university devoted to excellence in learning, research, arts and innovation, and fostering critical thinking, imaginative response.
Jacinta Z
Religion/Theology, 2024
The course is interesting for Church, art, history amateurs. Students are learning to indentify, analise and evaluate works in their contextual historical, artistic, liturgical and confessional environment, recognise and interpret the main iconographical signs, symbols, subjects and ideas of Christian art.
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VMU is globally oriented, free-spirited and open-minded. The time spent at VMU is a formative step in the lives of students, facilitating not only career opportunities but also personal growth, strength of character and a sense of self-fulfilment.
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new university, new life
Gulkhanim D
Lithuania, Graduate
Humanities, 2021
It is my first time experiencing student life in a foreign country. At the beginning, I was nervous as I thought it could be difficult to adjust living and studying in the new country. However, my anxiety did not last long. The international department of our university supported us in every steps. Whenever I need anything to consult, I got sincere and kind messages from university staff. All of my professors are (were) patient to clarify whatever I ask.
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I have been provided with  everything that a student needs to improve herself/himself such as a library with up-to-date computers, guidance, celebrations etc.
I do not have anything to mention as a con in my faculty so far .
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Vytautas Magnus University
Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) (Lithuanian: Vytauto Did×iojo Universitetas (VDU)) is a public university in Kaunas, Lithuania. The university was founded in 1922 during the interwar period as an alternate national university.[1] Initially it was known as the University of Lithuania, but in 1930 the university was renamed to Vytautas Magnus University, commemorating 500 years of death of Vytautas the Great, the Lithuanian ruler, well known for the nation's greatest historical expansion in the 15th century. It is one of the leading universities of Lithuania, has now about 8,800 students, including Master and Ph.D. candidates. There are a little more than 1000 employees, including approximately 90 professors.
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Phone: +370 7 202462
Address: Daukanto 28, LT, 3000 Kaunas, Lithuania
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