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TAM PCT Intern

Azienda non indicata
Cina  Shanghai, Cina
Stage, IT/Tecnologia, Inglese

Descrizione del lavoro:

We are (COMPANY NAME). We are curious. We are courageous. We are colorful. We refine chemical material solutions with game-changing products. Let us empower you to push boundaries. Join us and our 18.000 colleagues now and together we will make the world a brighter place.


Main JD Task:
* Assist project managers and IT engineers to complete IT project documentation and flow charts according to the business needs proposed by TAM engineers
* Assist project managers and IT engineers to connect with the IT development team, and give professional advice and suggestions in the process of business demand transformation.
* According to business needs, assist IT engineers to complete the construction of database table relationships in IT projects.
* Implement relevant code for data analysis models and data cleansing functions according to business requirements.


Preferred technical direction (technical requirements for interns):
* Familiar with Python and Python-related data analysis libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, etc
* Proficient in using back-end databases, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer and other relational databases, and build related tables and table relationships in the database according to business needs
* Proficient in Tableaue, Power BI and other BI tools, able to achieve data cleaning and data visualization functions according to business needs
* Familiar with IT project development process, able to write relevant flow charts, etc
* Proficient in development tools, VS code, Pycharm, etc

Are you as curious, courageous and colorful as we are? If so, we can offer you an exciting career opportunity. We look forward to receiving your application including a cover letter, resume/CV, and relevant certificates. Become part of our Team - apply now!

(COMPANY NAME) is well aware of the importance of personal information to you. (COMPANY NAME) promises to strictly abide by the basic principles of information security and privacy protection as well as requirements of relevant laws and regulations, and take appropriate security protection measures to ensure that your personal information is safe and controllable.

The resume you submit and the personal information you provide voluntarily will only be used for the recruitment service of (COMPANY NAME). If we use your information beyond the above purposes, we will seek your consent in advance.

Your data may be kept in a secure environment within or outside the territory of P.R. China. If the personal information is necessary to be transferred outside the territory of P.R. China, we will ensure that it is transferred in accordance with the laws and regulations. Generally, we only store your personal information for the time period that is necessary to fulfill the purpose of collection and processing, unless otherwise provided by laws, regulations or administrative orders. We will implement a variety of measures to ensure a reasonable level of information security. Unfortunately, if a personal information security incident occurs, we will activate contingency plans to prevent the security incident from spreading.

We impose strict restrictions on sharing information with any third party in accordance with laws and regulations. Unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, the information we collect will not be provided to or shared with any third party that is unrelated to our recruitment services.

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www.(COMPANY NAME).com

(COMPANY NAME) welcomes applications from all individuals, regardless of racial or ethnic origin, skin color, nationality, religion, philosophy, gender, age, physical characteristics, marital status, disability, appearance, sexual orientation and sexual identity. We are committed to treating all applicants fairly and avoiding discrimination

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Pubblicato il: 17 Mag 2024
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