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HEC International Business School
Contact: +33 1 39 67 70 00
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HEC Paris (HEC)

Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, 1 rue de la Libération, 78351 Jouy en Josas Cedex, France, Paris
3.86 / 5 based on 426 reviews.
HEC Paris or École des Hautes Études Commerciales de Paris is a French Grande Ecole and one of the world's foremost business schools. It was established in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It has been consistently ranked the best business school in Europe by the Financial Times[1] since the ranking's inception. (Cf. Wikipedia)

87% of students recommend
426 reviews
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Student life
5 stars (66)
4 stars (228)
3 stars (126)
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Befor leaving home, make sure of the problem in tranferring your credits afeter your term at HEC. Brush-up your french. Take all your personal papers with you for admnistrative purposes. Read Review
moukaila, Denmark

426 reviews of HEC Paris

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by Anna, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia
Business Studies, University Agreement
Personal assessment
Couldn't have asked for more.
Pretty good.
Could've been better, but didn't lessen the overall experience.
Type of housing: On campus
Arranged by: Host university
If returning, I would choose: On campus
Why? The main disadvantages of the campus life was high costs and no kitchens, so i could not cook although i really like to. But still, i would close my eyes on it in case of a return because renting an apartment in Paris could be even more expensive, the way from Paris to the school would get 40-60 mins without a car. And living in campus gives you lots of opportunities: quick integration and adaptation, lots of new friends, support, doing sport etc.
Personal comments:
Well, the housing was really clean, and light, a bit small either. But i like how the space was organized: long desk for studying, wardrobes, some shelves from Ikea, a draw under the bed, a common door for the room and a bathroom. Yeah, by the way, i was luck cause i had private bath room and toilet, as most of the students had to share there bath between 2 people, and had common toilet - 1 in each floor. As i told, i did not like there were no kitchens, and the food in the canteen was not the best, actually =)) We had to eat something typical for French - like "bloody beefs" etc )) haha. And there were many opportunities for doing sport: volleyball, tennis, jogging etc. What is very important for me either. I think it is good the campus is located out of the city, as the weather is much warmer than in St.Petersburg, and living in the city would be too stuffy.
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by Polina, ESCEM School of Business, Poitiers, France
Marketing and Sales Management, CEMS
Personal social experience
Amazing! Hardly had time to study.
Plenty to do when I had the time.
Did not get involved.
Describe host city: Student life dominates the city
Activities: Takes place mostly within the university/student environment
Travel: Takes place mostly outside the university/student environment
Nightlife: Takes place both within and outside of the university/student environment
Personal comments:
Party of the week is a must for any incoming student! Happens on Thursday,open bar, ok music. Don't wear nice clothes! Restaurant Universitaire (RU) is the only place to eat on campus, food is nothing special and at times bad, but one can get used to it. There is also Kfet - a student bar where you can buy pizza or sandwich. There are also delivery companies from which you can order pizza or sushi. Campus has a very nice lake - perfect place for spring barbeques or sunbathing.
This review is the opinion of an iAgora member, and not of iAgora itself
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by madmax99, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Vienna, Austria
Management Science, University Agreement
My academic experiences
Quality of courses
Pretty good.
Could've been a bit better.
Variety of courses
Availability/access to resources
Interaction with teachers
Interaction with other international students
Interaction with local students
Course recommendations:
it's your choice whether you're taking easy or harder courses. Professors are pretty good at teaching. You have to speak French to integrate into the French student community.

My opinion of the university assessment
Exams at end of course
Liked it.
It was alright.
A bit annoying.
Didn't like it.
Exams throughout the course
Essays and/or projects at the end of course.
Essays and/or projects throughout the course
Personal comments:
I didn't learn much, but discussions with prof and fellow students were pretty good.

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by Francisco, ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain
Business Studies, University Agreement
Language difficulties
No problems.
I coped pretty well.
Sometimes it was difficult.
It was a constant struggle.
Administrative / Institutional
Language of instruction: English
Local language was: Different than language of instruction.
Was learning English a key decision factor?
Yes, I wanted to improve my English
Was learning French a key decision factor?
Yes, I wanted to improve my French
How much did you improve your English?
My level before: Everyday knowledge (shopping, directions, etc.)
My level after: At ease in most situations
How much did you improve your French?
My level before: Everyday knowledge (shopping, directions, etc.)
My level after: At ease in most situations
Personal comments:
When I arrived in France, I had already and advanced, but not fluent, level in French. My main hope was to be able to improve it as much as I could. However, language classes offered by the schools are bad and most of the French speakers wanted me to speak in English or Spanish with them. However, it was useful, afterwards I learned vocabulary and they started to teach me how to speak in the correct way.
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by SALAWOU, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark
Economics, University Agreement
The accessibility of student needs
Second-hand text books
Very easy.
Minimal effort.
Accessible but required effort.
Almost impossible.
Second-hand household items
Computers / Internet
Money from home
Main source of funding:
A private grant
Other sources of funding:
Personal savings
An ERASMUS grant
CBS grant
Work opportunities:
I didn't explore any work options
Personal spending habits:
Overall leaving cost is lower in France than in Denmark. Also, being on campus has reduced the leaving cost during my stay.
Travel, Nightlife: was the same price as at home.
Telephone, Food, Overall, Housing: was less expensive than at home.
Personal comments:
As cost-saving tips, only one simple advice: stay on campus as much as it is possible. You will save a lot on food, drinks, telephone bills. A cheaper supermaket is just 500m from the campus, do your shopping in Attac.
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by Giulia, Università Bocconi, Milan, Italy
Marketing and Sales Management, Erasmus
Important to choosing this university...
Academic reasons
Very Important.
Not really important.
Campus life
Party / people
Weather / Location
I wish I had known...
In my opinion:
Everybody loved it, you will too!

During my experience abroad, I ...
Became familiar with another culture
Happened all the time.
Happened quite a lot.
Happened a bit.
Didn't happen.
Improved language skills
Met people from other countries
Became more independent
Partied a lot
Experienced a change in life
Advanced my studies/career
Personal recommendation:
HEC is a very organized university: we have fun in the Campus, exchange students feel confortable, but they push us in studying hard too, and they give us good opportunities


The experinnce I'm living is very important to me: I' m experiencing a lot about contacts with other people, about introducing myself in a totally new contest. This is not always easy to do and succeed, but I'm trying hard..International experiences are really TOTAL experiences: you learn about language, behaviour, attitude, culture, general culture, self esteem.
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