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Good professors, but little connection to reality
Nicolas W
Colombia, Undergraduate
Management Science, 2021
In the year of 2017 I began to study the career "International Studies of Global Management" (ISGM), at the Hochschule Bremen. Initially I chose it only for the integrated part of a 1 year long semester abroad in a Latin-american country. I wasn't able to speak spanish at the beginning of my studies and I was determined to learn something new. The HS Bremen didn't require any previous knowledge of the language and therefore I could apply. The spanish courses are all held by native speakers and in the first year I had a wonderful teacher, who really inspired me to learn eagerly. The same I cannot say for all of the professors I had so far. The courses I did enjoy the most were definitely Marketing and Accounting in the 3rd semester. These were absolutely helpful and provided useful knowledge that I can still apply or think about during the daily life. Furthermore I did enjoy the mathematics course as I really enjoy calculating with numbers and solving equations. The courses I cannot really recommend are Foreign Trade in the 2nd semester and Business Ethics in the 3rd semester. Both are being held by Professor Dr. Aufderheide and it is very frustrating to work in his environment.
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Good professors, very good student community, nice location of the campus
Very low practical application, outdated working methods, little digital integration, too few connections to every day economic situation
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My opinion about the study leisure management
Jakob O
Germany, Undergraduate
Tourism, 2020
In 2016 I started to study leisure management, which is existence since 2010 only in Bremen (Germany). The study is very diverse. Through this study students are going to learn subjects like social, economic, natural and jurisprudential as well methodological foundations of the leisure and tourism sciences. In addition, computer science and foreign languages can be learned. I didn't know exactly what I was expecting but I was really suprised how many different courses it includes. Because of this the study is really interesting and gives the opportunity to aplly to different companies. The university has a great renown. We have a lot exchange students from all over the world who enjoy studying in Bremen
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Wide content, nice professors
No mathematics
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Intensive Study Course
Priyamvad S
Germany, Graduate
Tourism, 2018
The course involves lectures by instructors from all around the world (literally). Such a combination of learning environments gives an interesting insight into the world of tourism and in turn, integrates tolerance in the perspective outlook as a professional. Field project work includes a trip to a new country for every new batch of students where their theoretical knowledge is applied to real-time variables and situations.
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International and Multi-Cultural Learning Environment
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Samuel L
UPAEP, Puebla, Mexico
Business Studies, Undergraduate, University Agreement
Personal recommendation
If you want to be in a not to large multicultural(people from east-Europe, Latin America) city mixed with the classic north German culture or you are in the area of nautical and aeronautical studies Bremen, Germany is your place.
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During my experience abroad, I ...
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Became familiar with another culture
Improved language skills
Met people from other countries
Became more independent
Partied a lot
Experienced a change in life
Advanced my studies & career
Präsenzveranstaltung, Master, Automobilzulieferer, 1 Jahr
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Präsenzveranstaltung, Bachelor, Interkulturelles, 4 Jahre
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Präsenzveranstaltung, Master, Architektur, 2 Jahre
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Präsenzveranstaltung, Bachelor, Architektur, 3 Jahre
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Phone: + 49 421 590 51 39
Address: Werderstraße 73, 28199, Bremen, Germany
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