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Université Jean Moulin: Lyon III reviews

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Law studies in a central French city
Séverine G
Spain, Graduate
Law, International, 2018
I spent my 5 years of studies in the city of Lyon.
Lyon III is one of the three universities proposing a law degree. I chose this one because its known for its seriousness and the professors have a great reputation.
The professors are excellent, there is a lot of different courses but each one have professors recognized for their studies and the quality of their work. I would just say that they are not really present for any help and you need to be really autonomous.
The buildings are fantastic; there is two different sites (one for the first cycle degree, the other for the second). The buildings are in Haussmann style and they just look splendid. The construction are renovated and the classes are well made. There is access to many libraries, computers and a lot of academic resources. There is also a really good student life and a lot help from other students for foreign students.
It is not so easy to make good friends; there is a lot of competition and the school generally lack of support and solidarity.
The administration is awful and won't help in any way; the secretariat never have any answer for your questions and it absolutely doesn't bother them.
I chose to graduate in the international and environmental fields. I found my 4th and 5th years to be the most interesting of my university course, but also the most challenging.
The city is great, not cheap but affordable, even for students with low income. The landscapes are amazing; it's really close to the mountains. Paris is only at a 2 1/2 hours trip by train.
There is a lot to do in the city and you won't spend a day without a new discovery !
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The city (definitely), the professors, the variety of courses and the quality of the teachings, the accessible resources
The administration, the lack of help or monitoring, the competition between students
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Roberta G
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Business Studies, Undergraduate, Erasmus
Personal recommendation
I would recommend this university as I would any other university. At the end of it, is what you make out of it that counts. I would say that there could be more friendly and approachable universities than this one.
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During my experience abroad, I ...
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Master 1 et 2 Commerce International mention L.E.A, très professionnalisant
Aurélien P
France, Graduate
Marketing and Sales Management, 2018
Le 1er semestre de ce Master se déroule à Lyon et le second semestre doit obligatoirement s'effectuer dans une université à l'étranger (à l'université de Manchester en Angleterre pour moi). Il se poursuit obligatoirement avec un stage en entreprise de 2 mois à l'étranger également (à Pise en Italie pour ma part). 
Le 3ème semestre (Master 2) se déroule à Lyon, et le 4ème doit s'effectuer à nouveau à l'étranger, pour un stage en entreprise de 6 mois, donnant lieu à la rédaction et à la soutenance d'un mémoire en 3 langues (Français, Anglais et Italien pour moi).
Les cours sont très variés et souvent dispensés par des professionnels (chefs d'entreprise, cadres, etc.).
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Formation trilingue très professionnalisante.
Trop de changements dans les plannings de cours, qui parfois se chevauchent. Un peu galère!
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Possibility to complete a dual degree in Business Administration and Applied Foreign Languages (in my case, English and German)
Jane H
France, Graduate
Business Studies, 2022
First of all, I would like to state that the campus is nice for students: cafeteria with cheap prices, a big library with a wide selection of books, enjoyable classrooms. You can easily get help for career opportunities and the must at this University would be the selection of countries to go on Erasmus, or even worldwide. They have a lot of connections everywhere. 
For the studies, the more you stay the more there are interesting, especially in the master's degree.
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Library, Student life, lots of events and conferences, perfect location
Few guest speakers during the courses, lots of students in the bachelor's degree
En présentiel, Master, Chinois, 2 Ans
Prix sur demande
En présentiel, Master, Italien, 2 Ans
Prix sur demande
En présentiel, Master, Arabe, 2 Ans
Prix sur demande
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Université Jean Moulin: Lyon III
Expérience enrichissante
Maïna J
6 weeks in 2021
Translation / Technical Writing Internship
Super stage
Anne-Maï N
8 weeks in 2021
Supply Chain / Logistics Internship
L'Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 est spécialisée dans les Sciences Humaines et Sociales et regroupe une Faculté de Droit, un Institut d'Administration des Entreprises, des Facultés des Langues, des Lettres et Civilisations et de Philosophie ainsi qu'un Institut Universitaire de Technologie.
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Other names: University Jean Moulin (Lyon III)
Phone: +33 47272 2008 (Int'l Office)
Address: Université Jean Moulin: Lyon III, 1, rue de l'Université, 69007, Lyon, France
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