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Katholieke Hogeschool voor Gezondheidszorg Oost-Vlaanderen (KAHOG) reviews

In our institute of higher education we offer several different training programmes in health care and rehabilitation: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Audiology, Podiatry, Midwifery and different study options in Nursing (General, Paediatric, Psychiatric and Social). The concentration of different study programmes in one institute offers all the advantages of a combined focus on a specialisation in training programmes and an interdisciplinary approach in Health Care courses.

The curriculum of KaHoG offers programmes that prepare competent health professionals to meet the present and future demands for health care services. All our professional programmes belong to the area of health care education.

The educational programmes are completed in at least three years' time and involve an intensive theoretical and practical training. Besides the more theoretical courses, all training of health care professionals demands a large share of practice both in a training setting and in the field. For the latter aspect there is an intense co-operation with specialised centres. Students are quickly - from the second year onwards - and thoroughly confronted with the different shades of the profession in general hospitals, psychiatric institutions, medico-pedagogical institutions, homes for the elderly and rehabilitation centres. Fieldwork (clinical practice) under professional surveillance is thus an important component in our training. This professional work experience together with a dissertation forms the main part of the final year. The training is completed with educational visits to specialised institutes at home and abroad.
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Other names: East-Flanders Catholic Insitute for Higher Education in Heal
Homepage: www.kahog.be
Phone: +32 9 269 91 17 (Int'l Office)
Address: Katholieke Hogeschool voor Gezondheidszorg Oost-Vlaanderen, Sint-Lievenspoortstraat 143, 9000 Gent, Ghent, Belgium
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