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Latvijas Universitáte (LU) reviews

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Three years in University of Latvia
Marta B
Latvia, Undergraduate
Communication and Information Sciences, 2020
University of Latvia is on of the universities that all high school graduates want to go to. In my case it was an spontaneous decision. I didn't know what i want to do after graduating gymnasium. But i started as simple communication student. And in second year i decided to try my strengths in marketing and advertising by choosing module of advertising. And I'm not sad about it, because it made me realize that copyrighting and content creation along side social media managing    is my passion. University in general doesn't give you much besides academic literature and theory, but if you have passion for you work you can always find ways to evolve. In general faculty of social sciences is great beginning if you want to start you career in field of communication.
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Some amazing professors and lecturers.
Not that much practical work.
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A fruitful experience
Zainab S
Latvia, Undergraduate
Philology, 2023
The LU English Philology course is extremely informative and well-rounded, especially great for those who are language enthusiasts. The course also offers the option of learning a second language from the beginner level which is a huge plus. The professors are also well-versed in the field and make studying an interactive and enjoyable experience.
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Well-rounded with many diverse courses and topics taught
Course has been shortened to 3 years
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My experience
Sevara I
Latvia, Undergraduate
Business Studies, 2022
The most interesting part of my studies abroad is experience of any type, meeting new people, sharing knowledge with one another, communication and self-development. University of Latvia is very serious according to the way how students deal with the courses, making survey every semester for quality improvement and the study curricula is well-organized based pn what is really important in our future career. As, I am focusing on International Business, particularly in Business Management, courses such as Marketing, Decision-making, Quality management, Financial analysis and planning of taxes and others make me get involved in my future career more and more.
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decent education level
lack of social activities, events
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The weather in Latvia is awful. worse than in UK
Shakhzoda N
Latvia, Undergraduate
Economics, 2021
Most of the Erasmus students go together with students from their countries: Spanish with Spanish, Uzbek with Uzbek, Indian with Indian and so on. Lectures are not interesting, a lack of practical info.
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Cheap, located at the center of Riga
Not interesting lectures
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Latvijas Universitáte
Live Hanger at a poultry processing p...
Gunars K
27 weeks in 2021
Industry Internship
Description not available at this time.
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Phone: +371 722 98 85
Address: University of Latvia, Raina Bulvaris 19, 1586, Riga, Latvia
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