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Other names:
Uppsala University
Contact: +46 18 471 19 06

Uppsala Universitet (UU)

Uppsala Universitet, P.O. Box 256, 75 105 Uppsala, Sweden
4.11 / 5 based on 546 reviews.
Uppsala University was founded in 1477 and is the oldest university in the Nordic countries. The long tradition of research, in tandem with innovative thinking, guarantees the high quality that has garnered international acclaim.

93% of students recommend
546 reviews
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- Go to Goteborg Nation for Valborg and make sure you get tickets, you'll have one day only and there's bound to be a HUGE line so you should find out when that day is and wake up very early. You have to get used to the 'queuing' culture. Valborg is crazy and it is probably also the best time to invite over your friends from home. - Take time to travel around in Sweden and outside. You should definitely go to Stockholm, Kiruna, Goteborg, Gotland and Lund (I'm ashamed to say that I didn't... Read Review
timu, Spain

546 reviews of Uppsala Universitet

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by Timu, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Management Science, Erasmus
Personal assessment
Couldn't have asked for more.
Pretty good.
Could've been better, but didn't lessen the overall experience.
Type of housing: On campus
Arranged by: Host university
If returning, I would choose: Apartment/House
Why? Apartments are not much more expensive than student housing and it would allow me to share it with some friends that I pick. On the other hand I could pick the location.
Personal comments:
Sudent accomodation in Uppsala is very good but some campuses are a bit far. I would avoid living in Polacksbacken for instance. If you are sent there try to discuss it with your coordinator. If you can speak with exchange students who go to your university while you are at theirs you could try to swap rooms, that's the only way you'll get a room in the Nations dorms where there's usually a huge waiting list. The best Nation dorms are the ones of Kalmar, Ostogota, Snerikes and Stockholms.
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by Luis, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Banking, Erasmus
Personal social experience
Amazing! Hardly had time to study.
Plenty to do when I had the time.
Did not get involved.
Describe host city: Student life dominates the city
Activities, Nightlife, Travel: Takes place mostly within the university/student environment
Personal comments:
The best place I ve ever been in my life, and take into account that I m from Spain was STOCKHOLM NATION, just to be a member of this Nation it is worth to stay in Uppsala for one year. I miss it every weekend since then. Prices were very "social" 45Kr to get in, if you arrive before 20h you don t pay, beers 27Kr, It was very cheap for Sweden. The best is the Spring Party, everybody speaks about this party very well. Unfortunately I had to go back to Spain. Uppsala is very beautiful the forest seems taking from fairy tale. The castle, the river, the threes everything was so different from Madrid that really shocked me. There is another caffe interesting TOBAK. Unfortunately basicly there is one supermarket chain ICA, they are monopolist they do whatever they want with prices. Another great places are "Warlmands", "Norrlands" maybe too big, "Snerikes". All arranged by University. If you wanna know more write me an e-mail, I m very willing to give details about life in Uppsala.
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by Melissa, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Communication and Information Sciences, University Agreement
My academic experiences
Quality of courses
Pretty good.
Could've been a bit better.
Variety of courses
Availability/access to resources
Interaction with teachers
Interaction with other international students
Interaction with local students
Course recommendations:
I did the Communications course which was fun and interactive and not really all that serious. The best thing about many of the courses offered for international students is that Swedish students are allowed to do them too, so you get the best of both worlds. We went on a field trip too to Berlin which was pretty cool.

My opinion of the university assessment
Exams at end of course
Liked it.
It was alright.
A bit annoying.
Didn't like it.
Exams throughout the course
Essays and/or projects at the end of course.
Essays and/or projects throughout the course
Personal comments:
To tell the truth, I wasn't really there for the academics. BUT! I did enjoy the classes I took and the group projects we did. Other people did more serious courses than I did (like international law) which required more focus, but they seemed to learn a lot from those too.

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by Luis, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Banking, Erasmus
Language difficulties
No problems.
I coped pretty well.
Sometimes it was difficult.
It was a constant struggle.
Administrative / Institutional
Language of instruction: English
Local language was: Different than language of instruction.
Was learning English a key decision factor?
Yes, I wanted to improve my English
Was learning Swedish a key decision factor?
Yes, I wanted to improve my Swedish
How much did you improve your English?
My level before: Did not speak it
My level after: Did not speak it
How much did you improve your Swedish?
My level before: Did not speak it
My level after: Did not speak it
Personal comments:
I wanted to learn Swedish. BUT people speak english perfectly and if you tried to speak swedish they lose patience very fast. After if you spoke Swedish people started to see you not as a respectful EU citizen but as a dangerous possible emigrant. They dont appreciate very much the fact you want to learn their language. They see that as a threat, "another foreigner to support within our welfare state" they don t realize you can be very profitable for their economy and society. Unfortunately If you despise swedish as an useless language (only spoken by 9 milion people) they respect you more, In my opinon swedish society is fed up of receiving emigrants from the most distant countries as Iran, chile, Bosnia. Swedish are good people and very open and inocent, they always believe whatever you tell them, they never lie, I like very much this facet of Sweish. Just because this culture and behaviour Swedish had deceived by emigrants and in one way I understand why they look suspiciously to foreingers, they are good but not stupid. Now I m learning swedish for my own, because in spite of everything I like Sweden, Swedish and Swedish language. I regret not to have taken advantage of my situation when I was there. BUT IT WAS TERRIBLY DIFFICULT, and by the way at this time I was not very proficient not even in English so taking 2 languages at the same time was crazy. Anyway it is a shame for the swedish language but my overall communication was OK. Though I would have liked to speak in Swedish with some people I met I could not. But I m sure I WILL
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by Melissa, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Communication and Information Sciences, University Agreement
The accessibility of student needs
Second-hand text books
Very easy.
Minimal effort.
Accessible but required effort.
Almost impossible.
Second-hand household items
Second-hand bedding
Money from home
Main source of funding:
Government assistance
Other sources of funding:
Personal savings
A private grant
Work opportunities:
I didn't want/need to work
Personal spending habits:
I spent more overall in most categories because I tried to do as much as I could being in a new country and experiencing new things. International calls became something of a regular occurrence (which it isn't so much at home), I went out nearly eveyr night so nightlife was definitely a huge expense, I also travelled a number of times (to Kiruna, to Are to ski, to Berlin, to Helsinki, to Norway etc.), and the food was just a bit more expensive than usual. My accommodation was really very cheap in comparison to everyone else's - I don't know how that worked, but I'm glad it did! The accommodation is really one of the most reasonable things about Uppsala.
Overall, Nightlife, Telephone, Travel, Food: was more expensive than at home.
Housing: was less expensive than at home.
Personal comments:
Try to take as much money as you can to experience all the wonderful aspects of Uppsala. Being a student is the most inexpensive way you can do it, but there is so much to do that it will end up costing you a lot of money. But it's worth it! If you get a phone, there's a huge amount of money that you have to put up at first (kind of like a bond), but you get it back at the end of your stay. There are ways of getting around it (like a Swede nominating you) but when you've just arrived, you don't want to ask big favours of anyone, so most people just pay it up front and then get it back at the end. Buy alcohol from the Systembolaget instead of when you are out at a nation's bar/club.
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by Luis, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Banking, Erasmus
Important to choosing this university...
Academic reasons
Very Important.
Not really important.
Campus life
Party / people
Weather / Location
I wish I had known...
In Sweden you have to pay when you go to the doctor for the first visit. It is the same for Swedish, THEY PAY TO RECEIVE a normal medical review. Amazing not even in Spain. In Uppsala, though it is an Student City, there are no speacial tickets for Students. I mean in Madrid you pay $20 you can take all the means you want as times as you need.
In my opinion:
Everybody loved it, you will too!

During my experience abroad, I ...
Became familiar with another culture
Happened all the time.
Happened quite a lot.
Happened a bit.
Didn't happen.
Improved language skills
Met people from other countries
Became more independent
Partied a lot
Experienced a change in life
Advanced my studies/career
Personal recommendation:
For Students who want to go there: It is a great University, professor are very well prepared, enviroment is amzaing. Just be plenty of money, buy ski clothes, forget sun, admire swedish girls and you will have a unforgettable period.For the University: try to offer more lesson's hours, more lectures. People need a minimu "rythim" to realize they are studing. Try to gather and stimulate Swish students with foreigners. When you establish your agreement with another university, try that foreign universities benefit in one way their own students if they decide to learn Swedish.(In Carlos III University they DO NOT CARE ANYTHING if you make the effort to learn Swedish, it is not recognized in your record, you have to cry to make them care about swedish). Please improve your restaurant, I was always hungry. Please offer good food, chicken, meat, bread,etc not these salads!! improve coffe. Make clear to student if they have passed the subject. I thought I had passed Marketing Research in Novemeber Madrid Erasmus Office notified my I havent passed this subject because they lacked my group report. I had to repeat it by my own, and thanks to Mr.Thuman compression finally I could passed the exam 3/4 year later than when supposedly I would have to have passed it.


Eramus experience has been the best during my university life. I have learned a lot, I encourage all the students to carry out this experience. I ask to European Union and my goverment to equip Erasmus grants with appropriate economic budgets to make possible not only for medium rich people the possibility to go in another countries. Meanwhile the European mobility since people are very young through Europe we won't have a real Europe. The first step to garantee the future of the Union is to make affordable for everyone the mobility around Europe. In my opinion two points would have to be compulsory for the university students: 1)to go out of their own country at least for one year. 2) to learn the language of host country besides english of course.
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