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REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu
The National Defence College, founded on january 1993, provides the training required for commissioned officers' positions. Subordinate to the Chief of the Defence Staff, the National Defence College is led by its Commandant.
The officers graduating from the college are assigned to various wartime and peacetime tasks in the Defence Forces and the Frontier Guard. The studies leading to an officer's examination are carried out in the First Degree Division (Military Academy). The students of the Postgraduate Degree Division aim at taking the senior staff officer's or the general staff officer's examination. It is also possible to take a doctoral degree in military science. Instruction and research are conducted at the six departments of the National Defence College. The major fields of study are operations skills and tactics, leadership and education as well as military technology, war history and stratecy. The National Defence College with its Central Library as well as the Military Archives and the Military Museum, which both are included in the college organisation, guarantee that information services and research material are available in military science. The college is in charge of duly preserving our national heritage: the traditions and history of the Finnish Defence Administration and Defence Forces for the use of future generations.
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Other names: National Defence College
Phone: +358 9 181 44811
Address: Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu, Santahamina, 00861, Helsinki, Finland