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Mary Immaculate College

Expenses Reviews
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Trine R
Aarhus Universitet, Aarhus, Denmark
Humanities, Graduate, Erasmus
Main source of funding:
An ERASMUS grant
Other sources of funding:
Personal savings<br> Other
Work opportunities:
I didn't explore any work options
Personal spending habits
When studying abroad, one tends to go out more often. I believe that it is necessary to be extrovert and interested in the host community if one wishes to gain a deeper insight into the culture and make new friends. Moreover, one also spends more money travelling for the simple reason that one wants to experience as much as possible during one's stay.
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Overall, Telephone, Travel, Nightlife, Housing:
was more expensive than at home.
was the same price as at home.
Accessibility of student needs
Second-hand text books
Second-hand household items
Computers / Internet
Money from home
Personal comments
If one expects to stay abroad for a longer period of time, it might be a good idea to look into the possibilities of opening up a bank account and making one big transfer as opposed to continuously withdrawing money from an account in one's home country - this can easily end up becoming a costly affair.
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