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Other names:
Autonomous University Of Barcelona
Contact: +34 93 5812753 (Int'l Office)

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, International Relations Office, Edifici A, 08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallčs), Barcelona, Spain
3.87 / 5 based on 606 reviews.
Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona (UAB) is a leading state university, both young and modern in character and which is known for the high quality of its teaching and research.

The UAB is a university that caters for a wide range of study and research, including the Humanities, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Technology and Engineering.

The UAB comprises 11 Faculties, 1 Higher Engineering School and two University Schools. It also numbers 10 attached University Schools, as well as 3 affiliated Centres which are controlled by other institutions. Read more

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606 reviews
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It's hard at the beginning, finding your own place and stuff. But don't worry, then those moments are the one you'll laugh about soon. Of course, "": great website to search for apartments in Spain. Read Review
Samantha8_Philippe, France

606 reviews of Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

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by Paula, Lunds Universitet, Lund, Sweden
Political Science, Erasmus
Personal assessment
Couldn't have asked for more.
Pretty good.
Could've been better, but didn't lessen the overall experience.
Type of housing: Apartment/House
Arranged by: Independently - My choice
If returning, I would choose: Apartment/House
Why? I prefer living with people of my own choice and in an apartment/house that I have chosen after having seen it. I also want to live in the center of town rather than on campus.
Personal comments:
Since I arranged accomodation on my own, with the help of friends who were already living in Barcelona, I am generally very happy with where I lived. However, living standards are not comparable to those in Sweden and Barcelona is not a very cheap city to live in, if you want to stay in the center. The reason I chose to look for my own accomodation was mainly because the UAB campus is located outside of Bcn and I preferred to live in the center.
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by Paula, Lunds Universitet, Lund, Sweden
Political Science, Erasmus
Personal social experience
Amazing! Hardly had time to study.
Plenty to do when I had the time.
Did not get involved.
Describe host city: Students interact with the local community without much university involvement
Nightlife, Travel: Takes place mostly outside the university/student environment
Activities: Takes place both within and outside of the university/student environment
Personal comments:
Barcelona is an amazing city and there are any number of things to be done and seen. Again, since I lived in the center, my free time was mostly spent there and not on campus. There were however quite a number of activities, student organisations etc at campus, only I don't know them too well. My favourite area of Bcn is the old town, el Barrio Gótico, where you will find a lot of really nice bars, restaurants and cafés. Buy "Guia del Ocio", weekly guide to Barcelona nightlife, take the "Bus Turistic" to see all the sights, go to Sitges in the summer, dance at la Terazza, drink cava and eat tapas at the xampanerías, walk along the Rambla etc etc
This review is the opinion of an iAgora member, and not of iAgora itself
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by Paula, Lunds Universitet, Lund, Sweden
Political Science, Erasmus
My academic experiences
Quality of courses
Pretty good.
Could've been a bit better.
Variety of courses
Availability/access to resources
Interaction with teachers
Interaction with other international students
Interaction with local students
Course recommendations:
The selection of courses was not overwhelming. I pretty much had to take the courses offered to me.

My opinion of the university assessment
Exams at end of course
Liked it.
It was alright.
A bit annoying.
Didn't like it.
Exams throughout the course
Essays and/or projects at the end of course.
Essays and/or projects throughout the course
Personal comments:
This is a sensitive question at the UAB but the fact that there are two official languauges and that catalan is very frequently spoken makes it hard to be an international student. It was a struggle finding courses where the teachers were willing to teach in spanish.

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by Michaela, Fachhochschule Köln, Cologne, Germany
Translation/ Interpretation, Erasmus
Language difficulties
No problems.
I coped pretty well.
Sometimes it was difficult.
It was a constant struggle.
Administrative / Institutional
Language of instruction: Spanish
Was learning Spanish a key decision factor?
Yes, I wanted to improve my Spanish
How much did you improve your Spanish?
My level before: Basic phrases
My level after: No problems in any areas (including slang)
Personal comments:
It is important to have regular contact to native speakers and not to concentrate on the international students if you want to profit from your stay abroad. In general, the catalan and cpanish people are nice and patient. many people think that the catalan language spoken in Barcelona prevents you from learning Spanish, that's what I thought. But it isn't true! Maybe it would be more effective staying a year in Madrid or any other spanish city, but in my opinion there is no reason not to go to Barna!!!
This review is the opinion of an iAgora member, and not of iAgora itself
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by Samantha, UCP, Cergy-Pontoise, France
Tourism, Erasmus
The accessibility of student needs
Second-hand text books
Very easy.
Minimal effort.
Accessible but required effort.
Almost impossible.
Second-hand household items
Computers / Internet
Money from home
Main source of funding:
Other sources of funding:
Personal savings
An ERASMUS grant
Work opportunities:
I didn't explore any work options
Personal spending habits:
Alright, it's kind of hard responding to these questions since it is the first ever i've been living on my own. But what i can tell is: Food - cheaper in Spain, but the diversity of products not as good as in France. Telephone - we couldn't get a real contract one, because we weren't staying 18 month. so we had to get used to the prepaid cell phone. Which meant getting used to not call as much as i did back in France since Prepaid cards are really not advantageous. Housing - the prices of rent are cheaper than in France. But compared to a couple of years ago got more higher. Personally we had a 110m˛ and paid 1200euros per month divided by the 4 of us. It wasn't bad at all. Plus it was located in a great area of Barcelona. Nightlife - obviously cheaper than in France, Paris. Travel - cheaper because gas cost less than in France. And then because in general the standard of living is cheaper. Overall - to me cheaper BUT still spent more than in Paris. I would say honestly aroung 700€ is good to not worry too much about the money.
Housing: was more expensive than at home.
Nightlife, Overall, Food, Telephone, Travel: was less expensive than at home.
Personal comments:
This review is the opinion of an iAgora member, and not of iAgora itself
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by joris, Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
Economics, Erasmus
Important to choosing this university...
Academic reasons
Very Important.
Not really important.
Campus life
Party / people
Weather / Location
I wish I had known...
I wish I did an intensive language course before comming.. now i waited to long and i had to few time to enjoy my new skills
In my opinion:
Most people loved it.

During my experience abroad, I ...
Became familiar with another culture
Happened all the time.
Happened quite a lot.
Happened a bit.
Didn't happen.
Improved language skills
Met people from other countries
Became more independent
Partied a lot
Experienced a change in life
Advanced my studies/career
Personal recommendation:
They have for different different languages. There is no list of witch group is in witch language so you have to go to all the groups and teachers to ask them.. this is time consuming.. At the end it worked out ok but i imagin it can be done easier


I wish you all a very nice stay here.. its a very nice city becaus it has it all.. Culture, nightlife, beach, great festivals, and a university that accepts erasmus students. The only thing... i don't know nothing about the level of the UB university in the center.. but if it is good i would prefer studying in the center and not 30 minuts with the train out of the center.
This review is the opinion of an iAgora member, and not of iAgora itself
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