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Universidade de Lisboa (UL) reviews

75 reviews
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The great and freezing Law Lisbon University
Carolina G
Brazil, Graduate
Law, International, 2021
I was really impressed When I first arrived at Lisbon University. 
The access to the campus is super easy because there is a subway entrance inside “University City”. Talking about it, the campus is almost a city, the Law University is enormous as well as the the law library. There are three cafeterias and university restaurants with really accessible prices for lunch and dinner, which was really great considering my university condition. 
About the infrastructure, the University is beautiful and imposing, there are big theater rooms, a lot of classrooms, study rooms, the Professors are excellent and worldwide known, despite some of them barely appear at University, unfortunately. 
I could say more two problems: 
The first one is the bureaucracy. If you have any question or problem, you will probably lose your day to solve it. You must go in person and take a password to be answered and wait until your turn comes (and it will take some of your time and patience). 
The second one is that is almost impossible to be inside University in the winter. Neither the classrooms nor the University have heaters, at all. The library freezes, all the rooms freezes, you can barely stay inside any part of the University.
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Professors; library; subway acess.
Unavailability of teachers; burocracy; lack of heaters
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Lisbon - a historical city
ines r
International Relations, 2025
Lisbon University presents a great diversity of courses, all around the city in different faculties. I'm an international relations student so my university is located in Polo Universitário da Ajuda, an amazing place a bit far from the city center but near a florestal park on a top of a hill. Several courses exist there, the building is great with everything available for you to use, some teachers are not really nice but the majority is amazing and really helpful. I recommend my course, it has different approaches and covers many fields of history/economic/social of different countries. The campus has 2 others universities, Architecture and Veterinary Medicine and 2 restaurants, its accesible by seven bus routes and its only 20 min until the city center.
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the view really makes up for everything.. a panoramic view of Lisbon
opportunities for students
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Università degli Studi di Pavia, Pavia, Italy
Language, Graduate, Erasmus
Personal recommendation
Try to get the hang of it asap. It's not well organised...
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Olá Emília Agostinho tudo de boa e espero ter sido um bom e-mail à Dr.ª Ana mati que é a gozar comigo mesmo com o que é e não protegida por não ter sido de confiança ou não e IC .
Sofia B
Pharmacy, 2024
Adesão de um junior que foi a nossa relação aos guiões já foi iniciado e que quero fazer a minha vida em que estou à toa de um junior de um junior de uma pessoa que não se vejam e não se vai arrepender e não se vai arrepender porque é já a ter ataques e a Carol já não sei se vou comprar a placa.
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.Como é possível saber o estado das suas redes e os logos dos utilizadores do seu site História de forma a que os utilizadores se possam registar no seu testemunho de forma a poder explicar o porquê da demora e o episódio sobre a Doença que me levou ao parto do seu filho mais novo doodle.
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None. Não sei como é a proteção é que é possível e que não tem de sair.
All. Não sei como é a thinkific do trabalho e não protegida e nem sei como poderemos resolver esta questão no voucher.
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Universidade de Lisboa
The University of Lisbon is a public university, sited in Lisbon, Portugal. The University campus is located in northern Lisbon. The statutes of the University of Lisbon state as main goals the creation, the transmission and the diffusion of science, culture and knowledge at highest level.
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Other names: University of Lisbon
Phone: +351 1 797 60 59
Address: Alameda da Universidade, 1600 Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
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