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Utile  |  1
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Espagne
Droit International, Licence, Erasmus
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Recommandations de cours
Try not to chose any subjet related to Local Law, because they are really hard. If you are Erasmus student your oportunities to chose are almost infinites. If you are looking for International and Communitarian Law, this is your place, but be careful, because courses are hard. In Politicsl, there are some very interesting subjetcs, specilly for Central and Eastern European Union. But be prepared to be treated for most of teachers as a usual student. Organisation is quite caotic, so try with all your forces to bring your califications with you to your country back.
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Mon exprérience académique
Qualité des cours
Catalogue de cours
Accès à différentes ressources
Intéraction avec les professeurs
Intéraction avec les étudiants étrangers
Intéraction avec les étudiants locaux
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Good university and opportunities of exchanges abroad
Belgique, Master
Relations Internationales
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Évaluation globale
I found the political science courses very interesting and useful for my future career ambitions. Good quality of teaching and studying methods. Teachers encourage both individual research and team work. The strength of seminars at ULB is that they stimulate a critical and analytical attitude towards a number of global issues.
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Analytical skills / opportunities abroad / self independence
Disorganised / highly bureaucratic and messy / luck of support from the personnel and teachers
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Worth trying
Pologne, Master
Langues étrangères
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Évaluation globale
I liked the campus and university overall but teachers tend to treat students from other countries in a harsh manner. I was enrolled at the university as a full time student, but I'm not from Belgium, and even though I speak French fluently, I'm not a native speaker. Professors weren't very helpful and welcoming, so don't be surprised by their racist attitude.
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Multicultural environment and good atmosphere, student's circles
Racist professors
Utile  |  2
Philosophie, Licence, Indépendant
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Évaluation globale
Recommandation personnelle
I did not seek the opportunity to go to Brussels, the opportunity came to me. I shortened my stay there because it lacked interest... The courses are not great, you don't get to interact much with students unless you go through all sort of rituals called the "baptism" (baptême) in the beginning of the year... It's ridiculous: you have to drink until you're sick, eat things without knowing what they are, and do things you don't necessarily want to do... It's worse if you're female (which I am). All this grossed me out right from the start and even if I made friends with other international students (who were just as disgusted as I was!!), the whole point of being in a foreign country is to get to know the locals and interact with them. It's not at the university that you get to do this.
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Pendant mon expérience à l'étranger j'ai...
(1) Jaimais – (4) Très souvent
Appréhendé une autre culture
Accru mes compétences linguistiques
Rencontré des gens d'autres pays
Développé mon autonomie
Fait la fête
Vécu une transformation
Amélioré mes possibilités de carrière
Offres d'emploi et stages
Brussels, Belgique
V.I.E., Marketing, Anglais, Français
Petaling Jaya, Malaisie
Stage, Ressources humaines, Anglais
Geneva, Suisse
Stage, Traduction, Anglais, Français, Arabe
Entreprise, Électronique grand public
The ULB was founded in 1834, four years after the birth of the Belgian State. It is made up of eighteen faculties, schools and institutes, several hospitals, as well as industrial and experimental centres in Brussels and in the region of Walloon.
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Autres noms: Free University of Brussels (French)
Téléphone: +32 2 650 23 41
Adresse: Université Libre de Bruxelles, Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 28, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium, Brussels
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