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Sandra Z
HES Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Business Studies, Undergraduate, University Agreement
Personal recommendation
Be prepared for a lot of reading!
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Very poor and completely incompetent university. Avoid at all costs!
United Kingdom, Undergraduate
, 2020
If I could rate the University of Brighton less than 1 star, I would. I have never had such a poor educational experience in my whole life, and I've been to some very bad schools. We are half-way through the course and the whole class agrees that we have learnt practically nothing and we are currently putting in multiple complaints and trying to take the university to court.
The tutors couldn't care less about us, with one making comments such as "I think of this as a part-time job", and the communication between members of staff is terrible, resulting in a lot of issues for the students. On one occasion, we travelled to campus just to wait for an hour only for our lecturer to never show up. Lessons are constantly cancelled without much notice and our timetables are never accurate so 99% of the time we have no idea where we're meant to be or what we're meant to be doing. A lot of our lectures are about really random topics like sexuality, feminism and racism, and are therefore nothing to do with animation, and we are here to learn practical skills so that we can become animators when we graduate, which does not look like it is going to happen. One of our lecturers actually said "oh we don't teach animation skills here, we just do ideas and theory, you can go on YouTube to learn how to animate", when the course description literally states: "Become a highly skilled animator ready for a rewarding creative career on this practice-based course. You will learn screen-based 2D and 3D animation, as well as motion graphics, title sequences, narrative and video editing for promotional design, infographics and music promotion."
So far, until this semester, pretty much the entire course has been held online, so we are paying £9K a year for what we could've got for a third of the price at the Open University. This was completely unnecessary as other universities around the country were fully open to students, staying online was entirely the University of Brighton's choice which further impacted our poor education. The campus building looks abandoned and is not even properly maintained, with a lift we refer to as the "Death Lift" as it is frequently out-of-order, shakes and makes very disturbing noises (we are genuinely scared to use it), we have no on-site canteen and apparently the one coffee machine in the building hasn't been restocked since last Christmas and the coffee tastes terrible.
When we have asked for extensions on our deadlines for perfectly valid reasons, we have been messed around by tutors and threatened to be capped when our situations have been completely out of our control. When we finally got our grades back, the whole class had bad grades, which was incredibly unfair and undermined our hard work and is also proof of the uni's failings.
Furthermore, I have received direct discrimination from this university, and the staff seem very insensitive and seem to have no understanding of disabilities and conditions whatsoever. We have one tutor who uses our course as a promotional opportunity for her friends, and another who is nice but doesn't seem to have a clue what is going on most of the time. And to top it off, our course leader ignores most of our emails and then straight-out lies. The university also frequently goes on strike, cancelling our lectures, and when I inquired about replacement sessions, I was told that these would not be happening.
The amount of stress that this university has caused me and my classmates is extortionate, and I highly regret choosing to attend this uni. If you can avoid it, go anywhere else. I told my specialist study tutor (who is not part of the uni) about my experience at Brighton and she was in shock and told me that she has never heard of such a poor student experience before. The only good thing I have to say about the University of Brighton is that you have access to some really good societies as a student, but you can also be attending other universities in the area to have access to these, such as the University of Sussex. This university has destroyed mine and my classmates mental health, and I would advise any prospective students to choose a different university.
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Societies but these are not exclusive to this university
Student experience, educational experience, communication, job prospects, learning
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Helpful and insightful
Gina I
United Kingdom,
Computer Science / IT, 2025
The courses itself interesting. The course allows you to know to protect yourself from any cyber crime attackers.
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My university does not offer an internship.
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They have an excellent careers support
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Buen curso
Take O
Engineering, Mechanical, 2017
Tuve una buen experiencia en esta universidad, muy buenos profesores con mucha experiencia de trabajo, cursos bien estructurados.
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Me ayudaron mucho a encontrar trabajo durante mis estudios (industrial placement)
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Muy buenos profesores
numero de estudiantes en el curso
Classroom-based, Bachelor's degree, Accounting, 3 Years
£ 9,250
Classroom-based, Bachelor's degree, Engineering, 1 Year
£ 9,250
Classroom-based, Master, Engineering, 4 Years
£ 9,250
Classroom-based, Bachelor's degree, Graphic Design, 3 Years
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Phone: +44 1273 64 24 02
Address: Mithras House, Lewes Road, BN2 4AT BRIGHTON, Brighton, United Kingdom
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