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University of Luxembourg reviews

39 reviews
2.55 / 5 based on 39 reviews
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Worst experience ever, I got trauma
Italy, Graduate
I studied at Economic department. They will kill you with dozens of unsolvable homework. They gave you  a lot of assignments that touch the material they present on PPT on class. Students teach in class in lieu of rich staff. They pay a lot of money to professor, while these professors are very incompetent, so dont come here.
Many students fail, for example in macro except one, all failed.
This university  wants to be MIT but students bear the pressure! not net-worth professors.
You will end up, either leaving or with an average 10 from a very low ranked university.

I dont talk about the costs of living in Luxembourg nor entertainment which I guess you heard before. a diekirch costs 5 for a student :( .

Dont come here, it will cause trauma. No body cares about students here.  Professor from Belgium, have very a bold french accent. I assure you wont understand 80% of their talk.

Dont come here. I am really sad of what they did to us.
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Good university for staff
Bad university for students
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Stay Away from this university
Czech Republic, Graduate
This university alongside the country is a desert (with no sand in it!!!) instead it is green with trees.

Who is crazy to go Lux? I did a mistake you should not!
Super super super expensive.
Low quality teaching.
Low grades, tons of hard material.
Verrrrry little support or attention from staff.

This people are rich, and they dont give a damn to students! why because you dont have money man. you are a student with no future. a shitty beer for 6 euros?

I left my studies incomplete and got back to Germany to start another master.
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there is nothing!!! free public transportation.
everything except the free transportation
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small and green country
France, Undergraduate
this is small country. near to metz and trier
i didnt like it much
there is not much thingg to do
everything are expensive
living cost are high.
public transportation is free.  there are some small cities in this country, u may enjoy seeing. but not much thing to be surprized. 

i did not like the classes and the professors. it was very hard to pass. i had several freinds luckily to walk in the streets, otherwise i was almost dead in this boring country.
i studied in Luxembourg the city. it is better than esche

i dont recommend uni.lu
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public transportaion is free
hard exam and high expences and no entertainment
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je voudrais être le meilleur tutorat dans mon métier
Abdrrahmane A
Mauritania, Undergraduate
je suis un jeune diplômer j'ai voudrait faire un grand effort pour réussir et  j'aimerait beaucoup avoir une opportunité pour vivre mon rêve ...
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Created on 12 August 2003, the Université of Luxembourg offers Bachelor, Master and doctoral programs following the Bologna system, as well as other specific programs. Research activity is centered on several priorities and organized by research units. Located in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, the University especially supports multilinguisme.
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Homepage: wwwen.uni.lu
Phone: +352 46 66 44 5000
Address: Université du Luxembourg, 162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie, L-1511, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
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