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Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza (UAM) reviews

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Great Old University overshadowed by lack of coordination, planning, resources and a 50/50 chance of getting a powertripping staff member as a lecturer.
Poland, Undergraduate
, 2021
Have you ever wanted to know what your class schedule is at least 2 weeks before the start of the year because you actually have a part-time job/full-time job? 
Have you ever wanted to meet top of their class Professors who teach with general respect for students?
Have you ever wanted to go to a College organized Music Event held on the giant campus grounds that would be well thought out and planned accordingly?
Have you ever wanted to get to know more about working on Office Package provided to you by the College so you can use it on your PC/Laptop?

Well if you answered Yes to any of those questions then by any means do not enlist in this college. 

1. UAM is incredibly well known for lack of any coordination, logistics or anything else you would connect with an idea of a Good College. 
I got lucky with one semester when the Class Schedule was delivered 3 days before the start of the year, my friend in another faculty wasn't so lucky. His schedule was delivered 1.5 weeks after the start of his year.

2. Do not get me wrong, but there are a lot of good, well-spoken, kind, and cooperative Staff Members in this University, but it doesn't mean you won't have at least 1 or 2 Powertripping, mean, egomaniacal people who somehow still stay in their positions despite the review system being opened at the end of every semester for every student to rate his/hers Lecturers. I will never forget Prof. Jarosz telling a person after 68 min of the lecture that they are not allowed to leave the classroom for bathroom if they want to be let back in. Same thing happened with this man's pet peeve of Students getting late to the Classroom by 2-5 minutes especially considering that the main Campus itself is situated in the least reachable part of town unless you live directly near the tram stations that lead to it. Good luck if you rent a room on the other side of the city, live outside of the city in the smaller towns or were just out of luck with the traffic. You will not get into this man's class if that happens. Oh and don't worry he has a patience for first 2 people to ever get late during that year in that particular class, if the limit is reached you are not allowed to get into the class.
Stuff like that happens in different faculties on a daily basis.

3. Not really a big issue as I didn't even attend knowing what a clustercluck this will be, but when a Renowned University hosts an event where people are getting trampled over due to the sheer amount of them, while having only 1/2 entry gates, then yeah, it's a joke.

4. If you get lucky your IT Lecturer will be a sane human being, that lets you bring your own laptop to those classes instead of using the UAM supplied MacBooks. If you're not lucky, like me, you will run into lecturers with weird tastes. Who cares if UAM is supplying you and every other student/staff member with the whole Office Package for Windows? This guy likes to use Libre Office because it works better on his 2006 MacBook (this is not a joke)

All in all, there is a reason why the most used adage used by the students is "If you studied at UAM, you won't laugh in the circus"

If it's your last choice or you are living in Poznań then go for it, if you're out of another city just look for better choices.

Oh, and by the way, the tram system delivering students to the closest station for the Campus? It's being renovated right now for at least 6 months to 1 year so good luck with your commuting.
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Younger staff members are great at lecturing with more casual way of teaching instead of lecturing with a big hint of ego, modern facilities and faculty buildings
Powertripping staff, Terrible logistics and coordination, Terrible USOS system still being used by the university, main Campus is in the worst to reach part of town
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they dont respect international student
sima m
Poland, Graduate
International Relations, 2020
The teaching system is great, teachers are amazing, lots of international students, a big opportunity to learn about a different culture.
But the administration, international offices, services are the worst, no one tends to help, they don't care and not helpful at all, they are literally shit !!!!
I am surprised a big university like this deal with there a student in such a way.
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good education
bad administration
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Modern, high-quality university
Maja S
Poland, Graduate
Public Relations / Publicity / Advertising, 2019
100-years-old university, one of the best in the country, with great faculty of politic science and journalism. Faculty has full-equipped radio and tv studios, cameras, micrphones and big classrooms for computer science programs. Teachers are most of the time practics with big experience.
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equipped with modern technologies and possibilities
could have bigger library in the building
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My first year in  Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza
Peter R
International Relations, 2023
Courses were well established and taught by the professors. The professors are highly educated, well mannered and are fluent in English.
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Personally, I have not checked yet about that, so I am not aware of it.
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A welcoming environment
Try to make it more welcoming for international students.
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza
Today, the Adam Mickiewicz University is one of the largest academic centres in Poland with over 2.100 faculty members and about 34.000 students. A smooth daily functioning of the University rests in the hands of about 1.700 administrative and technical staff members. The University is organized into 12 faculties. In turn, they are organized into institutes and departments. In addition, the university structure contains a number of inter-faculty and independent units.
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Phone: +48 61 853 68 55
Address: Adam Mickiewicz University, Grunwaldzka 6, 60 780, Poznan, Poland
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