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Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (EHSAL)

Stormstraat 2, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
3.89 / 5 based on 1098 reviews.
Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUB) is the result of a merger between three Brussels-based university colleges and one university. As such, it has become a multifaceted institute of higher education. We offer the best of both professional and academic worlds, e.g. excellent student counselling, a well-developed research culture, an analytical approach, business-oriented ways of a school of economics. Read more

87% of students recommend
1098 reviews
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I'm too sad now.... I'm feeling the nostalgy and i can't write anything more... Read Review
cdsvxever, Italy

1098 reviews of Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel

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by Deniz, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey
Economics, Erasmus
Personal assessment
Couldn't have asked for more.
Pretty good.
Could've been better, but didn't lessen the overall experience.
Type of housing: A room exchange
Arranged by: Independently - I had no other choice
If returning, I would choose: Apartment/House
Why? I'd like to live in an apartment because in a student room that I have lived I needed to share showers and kitchen with 15 people so I'd rather prefer to have less people or either my own shower and kitchen with much more space and less costly.
Personal comments:
The room was not provided by the university but they helped me to find one. The provider of housing is a well-known organization in Brussels but the room was dirty and destroyed when I first hired although all the problems were fixed by the organization carefully. However as a first impression it was not an hospital environment to live. I need to mention that the equipe of the organization were always so very interested and hospital.
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by Robert, Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Informatics, Independent
Personal social experience
Amazing! Hardly had time to study.
Plenty to do when I had the time.
Did not get involved.
Describe host city: Students equally interact with the local and student community
Activities, Nightlife, Travel: Takes place mostly outside the university/student environment
Personal comments:
Celtica - Irish bar live music down stairs disco upstairs. Cheap drink and lots of fun. Corbeau - Local bar 1 litre glasses "chavilier" disco music. Big bar with lots of people dancing on all the tables, really good fun. Fuse - Big nightclub Often used for university parties mixture of music. Often the European commission has parties for different nationalities e.g Spanish parties, British, Scandanavian. Often with themes. Usually cos a bit more 500-800 francs but well worth going to. Karaoke bar - near the bourse. Simply for thoise who love to sing there hearts out, nice atmosphere, some of the old pro's do their bit but don't let them put you off. Songs in English, French and Italian. O'Reillys bar & The James Joyce both Irish bars have sky and show most football matches. More games shown at O'reilly's but the James Joyce is cheaper and quieter. Wild Geese - Irish bar where all the European commission stagièrs hang out good atmosphere on a Friday and Saturday, a bit crowded and also a bit expensive.
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by Manal, Fachhochschule Osnabrück, Osnabrueck, Germany
Business Studies, Erasmus
My academic experiences
Quality of courses
Pretty good.
Could've been a bit better.
Variety of courses
Availability/access to resources
Interaction with teachers
Interaction with other international students
Interaction with local students
Course recommendations:
There is one courses which i didnt like at all, like Dynamic Systems and Modelling. The teacher didnt explain anything and we are taking this for the first time. For the first time i see that maths are tought like that and that the exam will be oral suprised me even more. We have to talk about one chapter for 15 minutes. Its ridiculous. Another course was International Accounting where we had to write a paper, which was very difficult. The teacher treated us like analysists. We are still students. He told us we can email him anytime if we have questions but he never answers. But all the other courses were very nice. I was amazed about the English, the teachers speak, a very clear and good english.

My opinion of the university assessment
Exams at end of course
Liked it.
It was alright.
A bit annoying.
Didn't like it.
Exams throughout the course
Essays and/or projects at the end of course.
Essays and/or projects throughout the course
Personal comments:

This review is the opinion of an iAgora member, and not of iAgora itself
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by Manal, Fachhochschule Osnabrück, Osnabrueck, Germany
Business Studies, Erasmus
Language difficulties
No problems.
I coped pretty well.
Sometimes it was difficult.
It was a constant struggle.
Administrative / Institutional
Language of instruction: English
Local language was: Different than language of instruction.
Was learning English a key decision factor?
No, it wasn't.
Was learning the local language a key decision factor?
Yes, I wanted to improve my knowledge
How much did you improve your English?
My level before: No problems in any areas (including slang)
My level after: No problems in any areas (including slang)
How much did you improve your local language?
My level before: No problems in any areas (including slang)
My level after: No problems in any areas (including slang)
Personal comments:
The good thing is that my country has 2 local languages, Dutch which i speak not at all and French which i speak pretty well. But the problem is that at school is everything in Dutch even the things which are concerned for the Erasmus students are in Dutch. Our coordinator comunicated with us always in English but most of the papers written by the administration was in dutch and we were really struggeling some times because we didnt know if some courses were deleted or replaced or something else. I think this has to be improved, because it must not be expected from Erasmus students to speak Dutch. Everything that is concerned for them should be in English.
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by simona, Università degli Studi di Genova, Genoa, Italy
Political Science, Erasmus
The accessibility of student needs
Second-hand text books
Very easy.
Minimal effort.
Accessible but required effort.
Almost impossible.
Second-hand household items
Computers / Internet
Money from home
Main source of funding:
Government assistance
Other sources of funding:
An ERASMUS grant
Work opportunities:
I worked during my study abroad experience
Personal spending habits:
I Spent more just because I did charge my phone more often and also travelled more often...Prices perhaps are a little bit lower in italy---But I don't know why....I waste less in belgium than in italy!!! beer, rent travelling is very good for value ;)
Travel, Telephone: was more expensive than at home.
Food: was the same price as at home.
Overall, Housing, Nightlife: was less expensive than at home.
Personal comments:
Mister cash "ate" my cards several times and the motivation is still a mistery (don't think i didn't input the right secret code !!!!!!!!).... i could nphotocopy books.... let's say Belgium works in general (not like italy, where mainly nothing works-trains airport profs aaaaaaaaaaaaa)...for mistercash in Belgium?It's the only big financial problem i had.. nothing is perfect and ,if it was, it would be boring !!!!
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by Monika, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland
Business Studies, Erasmus
Important to choosing this university...
Academic reasons
Very Important.
Not really important.
Campus life
Party / people
Weather / Location
I wish I had known...
how to deal with problem of disposing a money from a home university
In my opinion:
I loved it but I'm not sure everybody would.

During my experience abroad, I ...
Became familiar with another culture
Happened all the time.
Happened quite a lot.
Happened a bit.
Didn't happen.
Improved language skills
Met people from other countries
Became more independent
Partied a lot
Experienced a change in life
Advanced my studies/career
Personal recommendation:
The university seem sto be quite small and with a good atmosphere and good attitude towards studens. It looks like academic teachers as well as administrative staff takes care of students. Also actions taken by students organization ESB were bery well organized and it is profitable to become a member of an organization:)


Concerning the travel inside the country there is a lot of possibities to find some promotions for students. It is usefull to take part in so called crash course of Dutch language - it is good time to get to know a city. Especially good option is to buy a cheap ticket for city communication but all info regarding this will be given by a coordinator. I have a problem when I got sick to make an appointment with a doctor a the best solution was to go to the emergency in the hospital, I went there on Saturday and there were no queue and I did not have to pay but I am not sure if it is a rule here. The cheapest shops are Lidl and Aldi, but there are also some nice promotions in more expensive stores.
This review is the opinion of an iAgora member, and not of iAgora itself
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