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Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HVA) reviews

75 reviews
3.88 / 5 based on 75 reviews
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No Hand Holding Approach
Brandi L
Netherlands, Undergraduate
Design (Fashion, Graphic, Industrial, Web), 2019
This is one of those programs where you aren't necessarily amazed on the day to day basis. It was not until my 3rd year when I tutored a 1st year student that I truly saw my own growth. She received all the same feed back that I had once received and like me at the time did not understand it. It was an absolute AHA! moment because for the whole study the teachers train you to come to the answers yourself, there is not 'yes that is correct'. The skills you learn sneak up on you. As an American this hands off approach was very strange to me, but it turns out that it is exactly what I needed.
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Lessons in independence, Leaves room for specialization
Can be tough on your confidence, Lack of support and comprehensive feedback
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Ana d
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
Business Studies, Graduate, Erasmus
Course recommendations
I felt like in The Netherlands - at least at Hogeschool - they give a lot of importance to culture and interaction, difference in cultures and they had a lot of options on that topic. I realise that at my home university you don't feel this given importance to culture and I think It's great opportunity to learn about that.
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My academic experiences
Quality of courses
Variety of courses
Access to resources
Interaction with teachers
Interaction with international students
Interaction with local students
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Grand but complicated.
Yasir M
Business Studies, 2023
The HVA is big university which offers many studies and from my personal experience the proffesors are well experienced in their respective fields and they know what they are talking about. Only thing is that the management and planning is quite hectic, but as a  educational institution it is good and offers many opportunities to students.
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Their experienced and well qualified professors.
Their planning department.
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Very much independent
Isilay K
Netherlands, Undergraduate
Business Studies, 2025
I am satisfied with the fact that we can learn more in depth into the matching dimension and gain more knowledge. The dimensions itself are very broad and therefore you develop new skills.
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We are very much guided but are definitely given the space to orientate in what is suitable for ourselves and more being independent. In this way you learn to make your own choices. So I started looking around myself for matching internships
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the digital tools where we work for our future.
more structure and guidance
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Hogeschool van Amsterdam
The Hogeschool van Amsterdam is the largest institution of its kind in the Greater Amsterdam region. It has over 17,000 students, 1,700 staff members and 70 courses clustered in 16 institutes.
Excellent relations are maintained with other educational institutions in the region, including a number of joint ventures.
Of particular significance is the strategic partnership between the University of Amsterdam and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. These two partners have established a joint institute: UHA (University and Hogeschool Amsterdam). UHA will bring together, where appropriate, related courses of the partner-institutes and it will optimise student facilities like study counselling, libraries and housing. UHA will also develop courses for new fields of knowledge where watersheds between science and profession are irrelevant.
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Phone: +31 20 570 26 07
Address: Postbus 931, 1000 Ax Amsterdam, THE, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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