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Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) reviews

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Building knowledge and studying abroad
Aoife R
Ireland, Undergraduate
Business Studies, 2019
I studied a broad range of business subjects including marketing, human resource management, supply chain management, accounting, sales management, I.T., among others. Within my degree I also spent 4 years studying Spanish and Spanish modules relating to learning the language as well as learning about Spanish culture and arts and Spanish/Latin American current affairs. I spent one year submerged in the Spanish language and culture during my third year at university where I had the opportunity to study abroad. I studied in Alicante where I took all business and language related modules in Spanish. I also completed a year-long business project regarding entrepreneurship in the area that I lived in, being Alicante city. Without the previous knowledge from studying in DIT I would have struggled greatly to chose a project title and subject modules in Spain. Overall I gained a good grasp of the business world via each module and I feel that it will benefit me immensely in the future.
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broad range of modules, option to study abroad, experienced lecturers, wide range of resources available to assist in my studies, ability to learn from peers
modules weren't as indepth about worldwide business negotiations, it would have been of more value to study more business modules in Spanish to learn greater Spanish
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Good mixed approach to Architectural teaching.
Ryan D
Architecture, 2019
In this course you are taught everything from the beginnings. In first year you study building trades through practical workshops. This is the same for drawing techniques and design analysis/methods. 
This is carried through the years building in detail and in 5th year culminates in an analysis of a specific architectural topic, which is portrayed through a design project. You then, in detail, draw how this building would manifest in real life materials and construction techniques.
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This college did not have a specified careers office or counsellor but each individual lecturer and office admin were aware of the internship opportunity's and would talk through each with students they felt the internships would suit.
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Practical experience and knowledge of building trades and construction methods
The structure of the timetable felt disjointed at times.
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Wonderful experience
Michael O
Namibia, Undergraduate
Computer Science / IT, 2019
There is really nothing like having an expectation and having it met and surpassed; my experience with the university has been wonderful and the course content however so engaging has given me insight into the ways and methods to truly provide value when I get the opportunity to work. It sure is a great plan
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Real value
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People Centric with many services
Christwin O
Ireland, Undergraduate
Business Studies, 2025
The course I am doing International Business and Languages is quite broad. In learning new languages how business works and attaining useful life skills. Is an amazing course and is suited for just about anyone.
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Organisation of lectures
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The Dublin Institute of Technology has six main centres in Dublin City. DIT plays a leading role in technological and business education in Ireland. Its technological strengths are centred in the faculties of Engineering, Science, Business,Tourism & Food and the Built Environment. It has also a substantial involvement in the area of Applied Arts with particular strengths in music, art & design, media, modern languages, legal studies and social science.
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Other names: DIT
Homepage: www.dit.ie
Phone: +353 1 402 3445
Address: Dublin Institute of Technology, Upper Pembroke Street 30, Bublin 2, Dublin, Ireland
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