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Istanbul Bilgi University (ISTANBUL BILGI ÜNIVERSITESI) reviews

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From an international perspective
Vasiliki T
Turkey, Undergraduate
Business Studies, 2020
Campus: Bilgi has one of the best campus in Istanbul. Santral(main campus) is perfect, having cafes, restaurants even a hairdresser.Very clean and green.
Buildings: All buildings are new or fully renovated and full equipped. A lot of space.
Teachers: Really nice instructors, most of them speak really good english, some of them not that much and they prefer to talk in turkish during english taught lessons.Knowledgeable, friendly, willing instr.
Transportation: shuttles reaching the most central parts of the European side(besiktas,Trump,osmanbey metro etc.). No asian side service. Metro is being constructed outside the Santral campus.
International office: Really organized, trying to help foreign students as much as they can. Becoming more and more organized. 
If you are an i international student probably this university is the most international one in istanbul.
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Most lessons are in english, clean,broad course selection opportunities, enjoyable campus, frequent seminars, good instructors,easy to reach, rehistration process is easy online and easy
Seminars are mostly in turkish, graduation ceremonies  need improvement, some core courses require to buy material, some instructors talk too much in Turkish during english taught lessons.
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vibrant environment, different academic environment and in love with istanbul cats
zainab t
Business Studies, 2025
Being a BBA student you get exposure to almost every field in business. My area of interest is marketing and information technology and I want to get more exposure on it. Campus life is warm and welcoming. We have advisors for international students which helps a lot specially when you are alien to the native language (turkish in my case).Professors are nice and they know their subject well enough and are able to communicate it with us however, it sometimes gets difficult when they give half lectures in turkish but nonetheless, my experience has been good so far with the university overall.
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Yes! Thats something we all international students are granted access to. Right now this application I was able to find through one of our websites that my careers office provided us it. They are quite helpful in that matter.
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erasmus programs that will help not only turkish students but also international students to explore their options in other European countries in terms of internships and exchange programs
They can possibly increase exposure for international students within turkey in terms of jobs. Have more career related seminars in english for international students
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My experience in Bilgi University
Aamna H
Pakistan, Other courses
Public Relations / Publicity / Advertising, 2020
I have recently been enrolled in Bilgi University in the field of Human Resource management as a graduate student. So far, the experience has been very refreshing for me. The teachers are very friendly and cooperative as well as the students. The class is always fun and engaging. The study environment in Bilgi is also very good. There are several places to eat and many things to do in your free time, the architecture of the entire university is so aesthetic, just a stroll in the university in the morning is like therapy. The only advice I would give is that it’s important to learn Turkish as it greatly helps in covering the communication gap that’s there.
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Good university
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La formation
Lidrude S
Cookery, 2021
La formation m’a permis de valider certaines interventions que j’ai l’habitude
  de faire et connaître d’autres techniques dans des situations qui me sont difficiles
  et auxquelles je ne sais trop comment réagir.
Je sens que ce que j’ai appris va réellement m’aider au quotidien à contrer
  un peu les résistances et à moins perdre d’énergie dans le vide.
Beaucoup de concepts de d’autres approches présentés concrètement.
J’ai aimé le côté concret qui est applicable immédiatement dans ma pratique,Dynamique, respect des intervenants et du groupe.
Grande clarté. Simplicité dans le sens que l'échange est facilité
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Cette approche est merveilleuse et facile à mettre en pratique.
J’ai prise cette formation comme un éveil, une façon d'amener à la conscience
  un certain nombre de savoirs essentiels.
Plusieurs trucs concrets pour appliquer le bonheur dans nos vies personnelles
  et professionnelles.
J’ai apprécié qu'on ose redonner ses lettres de noblesse à la dimension spirituelle.
Ça amène beaucoup de remise en question et de cheminement,
  même en une journée !
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J’ai aimé la simplicité dans les informations.  J’ai apprécié poser des questions pendant l'atelier, le respect et l'ouverture.  J’ai aimé le prof, la clarté des infos, l'équilibre entre la théorie et la pratique.
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Istanbul Bilgi University
10 weeks at Amadeus
It was a company that placed great value on the trainee's learning process. The fringe benefits made it motivating to work here. It is a very good program with a friendly work environment and opportunities for self-development.
Istanbul Bilgi University (Turkish: İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi) is a university in Istanbul, Turkey, privately owned by US-based Laureate Education, which is a for-profit college corporation. In Turkish, bilgi means "knowledge". The Bilgi Education and Culture Foundation was founded on October 31, 1994, in Istanbul.[1] The school has three campuses in Istanbul.[2] As of 2016, Bilgi University has 18,000 students, nearly 1,000 academic staff members, six facilities, five institutes, five schools, three vocational schools, and 200 programs that provide education to its associate, undergraduate and graduate students. The university has graduated approximately 30,000 students.
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Address: Eski Silahtarağa Elektrik Santralı, Kazım Karabekir Cad. No: 2, 13 34060 Istanbul, Turkey