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Trinity College, Dublin, Irlanda
Administración de Empresas, Grado, Erasmus
NEOMA Business School
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The UPEM courses are an absolute joke for anyone with even a mediocre standard of french, and better still for those who aren't really bothered, many are offered in english. If you want to learn french, take courses with the french students, that is from the grande école programme. Some can be tricky, many teachers don't make allowances for foreigners, but with the smallest amount of effort you can pass. And a pass is alll that the french students are looking for anyway. I guarantee that the average will never be above 12 out of twenty. Unless you really like accounting, stay away from compta générale. Oral and written exams- the average this year was below ten and all my mates from the football team failed. I passed, by the skin of my teeth. 4 to 6 hours a week, mon and fri mornings, my colleague from Dublin nearly killed me when I told her to take it. Content is simple, but the written exam is simply too long for the french, never mind a foreigner. Fiscalité is no picnic. Strat Fi, 2nd year is apparently difficult, as is controle de gestion 2. Its 1st year equivalent is a joke for anyone that uses his brain. I did FA and got 19. Stay away from the language courses in second term if you're there for the year. Headwreckingly simplistic. FCP in final term is supposedly a joke- no exams- they even go camping. Finance de Marchés is handy enough for a foreigner. Regardless, don't worry about it, choose what you want, and look at it the night before and you'll be fine. There's no great depth in any of these courses. 'On étudiera la veille mon pote' is a phrase you should hear often enough.
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Neoma Business School
Francia, Grado
Administración de Empresas
NEOMA Business School
Valoración global
Neoma Business School is triple accredited by EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. The CESEM programmes provides an authentic, immersive experience. This degree in collaboration with Dublin City University allows students to earn a Franco-international dual diploma and gain valuable work experience. It is a versatile training course centred on management fundamentals. I will participate in this programme from 2018 - 2020.
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A favor
Their teaching expertise is unquestionable in finance, marketing and leadership. The university prepares students for careers in an increasingly global labour market.
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Mon expérience en tant que étudiante à Neoma bs
Francia, Grado
NEOMA Business School
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J'apprécie cette école pour l'aide et l'assistance qu'ils fournissent à tous leurs étudiants, qu'ils soient étrangers ou natifs, les professeurs sont très expérimentés pour la plupart et tous sont multilingues. La vie étudiante à Neoma est également très active et pleine d'associations de toutes sortes. On ne s'y ennuie pas.
Globalement, c'est une école très agréable, même si les élèves sont parfois peu inclusifs et égocentriques.
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La vie associative et assistance
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On ne peut pas améliorer les gens
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Enriching and enlightening
Francia, Posgrado
NEOMA Business School
Valoración global
The good thing about Neoma business school is that even when it is ranked seventh business school in France, Neoma has pretty smooth working environment. The teachers are reachable almost all the time. For someone who does not want to live in metropolitan Neoma campuses offers perfect location. Neoma is merger of two French business schools that provide rich variety of courses.
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campuses in small cities
En présentiel, Bachelor, Direction et Gestion, 4 Ans
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En présentiel, Bachelor, Direction et Gestion, 4 Ans
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NEOMA Business School is a French business school, created in 2013 by the merger of two of the most highly regarded grandes écoles: Rouen Business School (established in 1871) and Reims Management School (established in 1928).[3] According to their latest performances as separate organisations in the 2012 Financial Times ranking of the best Masters in Management, Rouen Business School's flagship degree was the world's 17th best and Reims Management School's was 23rd.[4]

The school has more than 8,000 students, 200 academic staff (of whom more than 40% are international[5]), 300 university partners in 75 countries[6] and over 40,000 alumni,[7] as well as three campuses, in Rouen, Reims, and Paris. The school is triple accredited by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. [Source: Wikipedia]
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Otros nombres: NEOMA BS
Teléfono: +33 (0) 2 32 82 58 62
Dirección: 1 Rue du Maréchal Juin, 76130 Mont-Saint-Aignan, 76825 Rouen, France
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