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Scuola Superiore Per Interpreti E Traduttori reviews

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"Istituto di Alti Studi SSML Carlo.Bo." really a good choice!
Germany, Undergraduate
Scuola Superiore Per Interpreti E Traduttori
I have attended the Private University "Carlo.bo" in Rome for Interpreters and Translators in Rome, the courses last three years and the lessons take place every day with a lot of practice. The building is very small and this allows you to have a tight relations with teachers, who are professionals outside the university themselves, they are great teachers and they teach you the love for this profession. 
Overall I found myself really well and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is fascinated by these subjects, this university path allows a lot of practice and opens the door to the working world. 

The main subjects were: 
▪ Psychology communication and cultural mediation
▪ Linguistics
▪ Interpreting techniques (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage)
▪ Translation techniques
▪ English and German classes
▪ History of the languages
▪ English and German culture and Literature
▪ International law
▪ Political Economy
▪ Computer technology
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Small University, lot of practice, really interesting study plan.
Is not a public university but there are income brackets
Online , Master, Traduzione, 24 Settimane
1.200 €
Online , Diploma professionale, Italiano, 6 Mesi
1.500 €
Online , Master, Inglese, 5 Mesi
1.500 €
Blended, Master, Traduzione, 800h - 8 Mesi
2.400 €
Description not available at this time.
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Phone: +39 06 562 78 42
Address: Via di S. Monica 11, 00122 Roma, Italy, Rome
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