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Universidad de León (UL) reviews

143 reviews
4.20 / 5 based on 143 reviews
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elodie w
IFI Rouen, Rouen, France
Business Studies, Undergraduate, Erasmus
Personal recommendation
They have a good organisation to welcome the foreign students, so keep it. But, I would like studying definitevely there because I don't like the way of teaching.
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During my experience abroad, I ...
(1) Never – (4) A lot
Became familiar with another culture
Improved language skills
Met people from other countries
Became more independent
Partied a lot
Experienced a change in life
Advanced my studies & career
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Michel M
Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Business Studies, Undergraduate, Erasmus
Course recommendations
Course here tend to be annual courses. As I only stayed for a semester, I had little choice, but managed to arrange my timetable so that the earliest class started at 11am and that I had Friday off. When you arrive, you get a booklet with all the courses on offer. You are not expected to decide straight away what you're gonna take for good. You have one month after the course starts to select your classes. My advice: take your time, don't rush in the choice as ou will have to sit an exam in that particular subject!! Make a list of the courses you're interested or think that would be valuable to your education and pop in to see what they are like. Classes are held in seminars so you can pop in for a couple of weeks and if you don't like it, don't take it. Some tutors take quite a lot into consideration that you're foreign and have some problems with the language and they will offer help when you need it. Others just expect you to follow the class just like everyone else. When doing presentations, most tutors put you in a group with one or more spaniards, so you'll get a better opportunity to get to know them and they will help you with your assignment. Which means you're more likely to get a better mark!! They are usually more than happy to help with anything from notes to finding books about the course.
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My academic experiences
Quality of courses
Variety of courses
Access to resources
Interaction with teachers
Interaction with international students
Interaction with local students
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Buen campus, buen ambiente, buenas instalaciones
Daniel G
Spain, Undergraduate
Business Studies, 2012
En la facultad de económicas, profesorado a mejorar (en el 80%). Profesorado con ganas de seguir un libro al pie de la letra y pocas ganas de hacer partícipe al alumnado (clases de 200 personas). Clases aburridas y sin alicientes. 
La tónica cambia al pasar de 1er ciclo a 2º ciclo. Clases más pequeñas, profesorado más involucrado y asignaturas más interesantes que ayudan a dirigirte hacia tu salida profesional.

Necesitan mejorar en cuanto a orientación laboral, con casos reales. Era una facultad demasiado teórica en cuanto a todo.
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Buena organización, gran cantidad de opciones de asignaturas libres.
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Yago Q
Management Science, 2024
It's hard to keep one thing in the end, I think I've had the full university experience, well I'm missing an internship to live up to this good experience. The year of Erasmus was probably the best, maybe I sacrificed some things on an academic level but at the same time I grew up and matured a lot more than I could have done sitting in front of a book. And in the end I think that university is all about the people you meet and all the adversities and situations you have to face to stop being a child (the nidelity of maturity with which you arrive) and leave as a man.
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All the opportunities they give you to move and learn abroad
It would reduce bureaucracy and red tape in order to bring it closer to everyone.
Presencial, Grado, Veterinaria, 5 Años
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Presencial, Grado, Gestión medioambiental, 4 Años
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Presencial, Grado, Derecho y empresa, 4 Años
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Presencial, Grado, Gerencia, 4 Años
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REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Universidad de León
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Other names: León
Phone: +34 987 29 16 07
Address: UNIVERSIDAD DE LEON, Pabellón de Gobierno, Avda. de la Facultad nº25, 24071-LEON, León, Spain
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